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Stats Guidelines Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:51 pm

Stamina - How long can you fight? When others bodies have failed them how much farther than them can you go on?

Endurance - this is your pain tolerance basically. This is how much your mind can process and handle the damage being done to your body as well as how effective you can use your body when taking damage.

Durability - this is almost like saying Heirro. This is how hard it is to even hurt your character even when they are directly struck by something. "Thick skin" works as a description here.

Spiritual Energy (Reiryoku) - This is how much energy you have available to you to use most of your abilities and stuff. Higher amounts are nice but not always required. Just because you have high spiritual power doesn't mean you'll have bundles of energy to use it.

Spiritual Power (Reiatsu) - This is the pressure and power of your spiritual energy. How hard it hits. Having high amount of energy doesn't automatically mean your reiatsu is strong. You could have almost unlimited energy and never manage something stronger than a Bala. Just depends.

Reiryoku Control - You could have super high energy and/or super powerful energy and not be able to use it effectively worth crap. This is the stat that helps in that. Without this you could have "infinite cosmic power" and have it blow up in your face every time you try to use it. Simple as that.

Strength - Can your person hit a boulder and break it? lift a car? Then he must have strength as a pro to his app. This is how hard you can hit physically. What you can do physically is also limited by this (Such as lifting cars) fairly self explanatory.

Reflexes - Hows your reaction time? Can you catch an arrow in the air? Can you dodge a bullet with grace and style? Can you notice that super speed senpai is about to stab you in the back even though you are not anywhere near his speed? If yes then this is one of your strengths.

Agility - This is a blanket term which combines speed and reflex. Using it will and should be viewed as two strengths because you are trying to cheese the system by making it look like one strength. While this can make someone seem fast. it doesn't actually provide a benefit to their actual ability to move faster. So even if they can keep their eyes on you they may not be able to do anything about you anyways if they are too slow.

Speed - Are you faster than a cheetah? Able to out pace a bullet? CATCH THAT PLANE!? Then this is your strength. Fairly simple. While this can help in reaction time like reflexes because it doesn't "Solely" focus on it. Reflexes provides a higher bonus to that than this does.

Sensing - This can be broken up into it's individual parts but sensing itself covers the five basic senses, any supernatural senses on top of those, and sensing of energy, or blood, or anything else. If you are hunter Tracker Supreme. Then this is one of your strengths.

Hakuda - Hand to hand combat. Are you good at this? Are you a master? Are you trained in it? Are you so good you can make up your own stuff? This is your strength then.

Zanjutsu - This is being used as a blanket statement for "ALL" swordsmanship ability on the forum. Since it's easier than constantly having to separate it from normal weapons and Zanpaktou. If you can swing a sword very well. This is probably something you are good at.

Kidou - Kidou doesn't merely refer to the "Spells" known as Kidou that shinigami and vizard have access to. It is a construed blanket term for "Spiritual/Magical ability" if you are a mage/caster type person. This is probably on your app in some fashion.

Racial Powers - Cero, Quincy Spells, Fullbring. Etc. They all fall under the above categories in one way or another. But they are themselves "Skills" much like Zanjutsu and Hakuda. It is harder to quantify a "Skill". sure you are good at cero. But what does that mean? Is your cero just easier for you to spam? Is it faster? Bigger? Stronger? Can you fire it from odd places? In the way of using it as a strength it doesn't work. Racial Powers need additional information added about them because otherwise it's just vague and in the air about "how and why" they are strengths. Try to avoid just "using these" as strengths unless you are prepared to explain them individually in the same sentence. It's too vague and there is simply too many different ways it could be "A strength"

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