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The Committee Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:03 pm


August 13th, 2014.

The UN Incident that transpired a month after the new Human Intervention Resolution was passed did not only toll as one of the greatest tragedies in the political stage, but also triggered the birth of a covert group named ‘The Committee’, the vision was set for humanity’s survival.


To control and regulate the amount of spiritual activity in all corners of the globe; to ensure human safety above all else; and eliminate all threats to life. Which includes:

◦Elimination and termination of irregular Shinigami/Hollow.

◦Monitoring of Shinigami/Hollow activities.

◦Recruitment and/or capture of renegade humans; or elimination if deemed a threat.

◦Keeping the peace.

Albatross Inc.

A front agency for ‘The Committee’. It is base in New York City.


A system created that enables inter-world travel for humans. After the discovery of a fragment from the actual Ark, it has been found to have been made of some unknown metallic compound. Research suggests that the compound reacts to spiritual energy and causes inter-molecular warp, moving a huge body from one place to another. A system was then created to perfect the new found technology and thus Noah's Ark was re-made.

Activation of the Ark was first thought to be firsthand or direct contact with the material, but after years of development, a new remote redirection module was created, enabling trans-world travel for humans.

The remote redirection model or RMM is a small chip inserted into the Committee's standard com links, via their cellular phones. By dialing 41294, the RMM then transmits data from the brain and enables travel through worlds via patterning. The device then opens a gateway into Dankai and then to the world of choice.

Organization Tiers of Power

■LEVEL 5 : Super-powered humans whose existence threatens the very foundations of International Security. To this extent, all humans in this level are considered far too dangerous to let roam and are thus constrained or if not, forced to join the Committee.

■LEVEL 4: Humans with considerable strength, and requires an extensive amount of manpower to keep hold of. Although not as dangerous as those of LEVEL 5, they are still very powerful.

■LEVEL 3: A human who can cause fatalities with his/her power is considered LEVEL 3. These individuals have mastered and fully controlled their abilities to the extent that they can kill someone with it.

■LEVEL 2: Humans who have yet to gain control of their abilities. They are considered a threat and are harmful to others.

■LEVEL 1: Newly awakened powers are in this level. They are considered weak and harmless. Humans who have yet to feel the lust for power. Nevertheless, the Committee stands to recruit these individuals as part of their group.

Organization Leader -
Advisory Group:
Advisors are personally chosen by the acting leader of the Committee, as their most trusted companions and are responsible for helping the Leader make decisions.

1st level postions require a tier of at least 1-5
2nd level positions require a tier of at least 2-5
Subordinate positions will be anything 3-1 or below.

Danger Level will be used to address threats in the human world. Please follow them accordingly when reporting them to your superiors.

Artillery Division

The Artillery Division is the far-reaching line of defense for the Committee, those best suited for this division are those of range and power.

1st Gunner -
2nd Gunner -


Central Combat Division

The Central Combat Division is best suited for those who get in close or who are well seasoned combatants. This division is the first assault team for the Committee and will be sent out on the most outbound missions.

1st Combat Command -  
2nd Combat Command -
Subordinates -


Center for Capture and Control

One of the groups that can be joined regardless of combat type, is preferably for those who can handle almost anything that can be thrown at them. Officers are in charge of orders, and Scouts will gather intel on potentially dangerous targets.

Officer -
2nd Officer -
Scout -
2nd Scout -~


*More categories can be added to this, but this is essentially forces that can be called to support another individual or group at any given time. Please do so in the Committee Info thread.

Research and Developement

In addition, the Committee has a Research and Developement branch. These guys create weapons and items for Committee members, and research supernatural phenomena. They also requisition equipment to people, as well as certain services. All you have to do is message the Chief (the owner of the character). The equipment and services will be listed below those in the branch. The list is NOT permanent, and items may be removed or added to at will. Please list what you have in your signature with the appropriate character.

Chief -
Vice Chief -

-Lab Assistants-
Jun Tomoshibi 1-3

The Continental

The assassin/mercenary branch of the Committee, meant for those who are't

Leader -
Co-Leader -


The Committee Equipment


Language Chip - Implant any known language. The character can now understand that language fully but cannot speak it.

Speech Chip - This grants the character the ability to speak all languages. The subject can speak only one language at a time, although it may be able to understand several languages. It does not enable the subject to speak with those who don’t speak.

=Trainee Group=

This group is designated as the default group for those that do not currently have apparent powers. This can include but is not limited to latent power development, lack of power altogether, spiritually aware persons that can use Committee tech, and normal humans. After a time decided by the Leader, they can and will be transferred to another division.

- Courtesy of Jeef

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