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Natasha Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:17 pm

Name: Natasha
Apparent Age: 25
True Age: 25
Sex: Female
Serious: Natasha is definitely one of the most serious women you will have ever met. She can be quite strong in her ways for she always fights for what she believes in. She always fights for the people she is close to or sworn to protect (Ex: the human race). She won't back down from something that she believes in. She strives for the best when everyone around her is against her, which would be all the other races. Natasha is the very embodiment of strength not showing anyone her weaknesses, although she definitely knows what they are. Even when things get tough, she will always find a way to keep moving forward. Natasha doesn't necessarily reach out, until she absolutely has nowhere left to turn. She would rather sacrifice her pride than the good of her people. She also strives for the strength of those around her because she has always been taught that she is as strong as her weakest link. She is easy to shove people in the direction she believes they should go, even if they don't want her to. She is easy to challenge those around her, even if it means they resent her.

Kind: On the opposite hand, Natasha can also be very soft in her own ways, however she rarely shows this side of herself. She can be a saving grace to those who just need someone to listen or give advice. She can be a protector to a small, scared child. She can be a friendly face to anyone who needs her to be, although she may not seem to give off a friendly vibe. Natasha cares for people in her own way and she is constantly wanting to be better for those she must protect. However, she does understand she cannot save everyone leaving her more determined to save as many as she can rather than every single person ever. This side especially comes out around children, as Natasha finds her strength fade into a more caring piece of herself. No matter what race, what gender, what their aligned with, or what they think of her, Ayame will always be more gentle with the children.

Hatred: If there is one thing apparent in Natasha’s eyes, it’s the fact that she despises those of the other races. She cannot stand the Shinigami and their all powerful attitudes, she cannot stand the Arrancar and their destructive mercilessness, she cannot stand the Vizards and their reckless way, etc. etc. If she has to get along with any race, it would be the Quincy before anything else, considering they’re much closer to human than the others. Although she may hate these other races, she never goes searching for a fight. Natasha would rather have a chat than have a war on her hands, but the moment her people are attacked, she will strike hard. Natasha shows no mercy for those that dare to stand against her race or organization.

Bold: Natasha is also quite bold in her ways not caring what the people around her may think of her, as long as she believes what she is doing/saying is right. She will always speak her mind if she sees it necessary and she will always act on her own if she believes it's the right thing to do. She doesn't care about the people around her judging her. She doesn't care about what her actions or words make her out to be. However, she doesn't make it a habit to fight with other people. She doesn't make it a habit to insult other people. She doesn't make it a habit to speak meaningless words for everything she does (as long as it is a serious moment) she plans out in great detail before doing it. She doesn’t make it a habit to ignore the concerns and opinions of others before making her decision.

Combat: Natasha isn’t one to search for combat, if she can help it. However when she does get thrown into the mix, she finds herself fighting relentlessly and strong. She finds herself determined to fight for her people and her home.

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 135 lbs
Physical Traits:
Natasha Tumblr10

Standing at about a height of 5 feet 4 inches is a beautiful goddess almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless but also quite luminescent. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Natasha is quite a beauty to behold. Her frame is thin, yet rather alluring and plump. From her cute, wide hips to her medium breasts, everything about her seems quite beautiful. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense. Her hands are small but normally covered by a pair of gloves of varying colors meaning they’re rarely ever seen. Her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick looking and her calves filling out quite nicely. Her small, yet semi pointed chin creates a young, sweet, and snarky look to her features.

Covering her astonishing frame is skin that is so fair, yet so smooth. However, nothing compliments her complexion like her long, natural, green hair. It hangs at a length that is just below her waist. The beautiful locks are normally left in their natural downed state left to flow freely. Her bangs are rather wild with a large tuff of it hanging over her right eye and a bit dangling down over her left. The rest of her bangs frame her face nicely at least leaving the rest of it open for looks. And what wonderful eyes they are, complimenting her lovely locks and bows with their emerald, green shine. They hold a sense of care, fierceness, and confidence that could attract the masses in a matter of just moments. Just under those green orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of small, soft, pink lips.

Being the outgoing but also serious shy type she is, Natasha seems to wear more restricted clothing that covers everything it needs to and much more. Her clothing normally consists of black material with green accessories for effect. Her tops normally consist of a light weight, soft material in the form of a short sleeved button up shirt with a tie. Her bottoms normally consist of a skirt with her top tucked into it. Her footwear consist of black combat boots.

General Fighting Style: Efficient with a variety of weapons.
Strengths: Durability, Strength, and Zanjutsu
Weaknesses: Stamina and Hakuda

Ability Name: From my Pocket?
Description: Pocket Dimension that materializes weapons.

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Sword
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name:Enhanced Strength
Description: 6X Strength Boost

Ability Name: Fuck Off Cannon
Description: Fuck Off Canon that can take 3 cero's worth of damage and can fire 3 ceros per post. 3 post cooldown when destroyed.

Ability Name: Fuck Off Double Cannon
Description: Another cannon appears and once every 3 posts it can launch a Gran Rey Cero level blast. Needs a Gran Rey to be destroyed And 4 posts to bring it back once destroyed.

Ability Name: Big Hammer
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name:Big Bomb Cannon
Description:  Launches Cero Oscuras, takes Cero Oscuras to destroy, 5 post cooldown once destroyed.

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Shield
Description: Stationary. Shield.
Cero: 1 post cooldown
Gran Rey: 4 post cooldown.
Cero Oscuras: 5 post cooldown.
Forbidden Kidou: Cannot Block

Ability Name: Giant Fucl Off Axe
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Scythe
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Balista
Description: Shoots Cero Level spear once per post

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Javelin
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name: Triple Fuck Off Cannon
Description: Shoots 5 Bala per post.

- Russian Girlio
- She grow up fighting
- She be powerful
- Hollow Attack
- Shinigami Suck
- Hatred
- Protec hoomans
- Committee

Side Notes: Nah
Roleplay Sample: Mei

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Natasha Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:41 pm


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