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Selica Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:20 pm


Name: Selica Aciles
Age: 21
True Age: 489
Sex: Female
Personality: Although she may look rather adorable, sweet, and kind. Selica Aciles is not all that she appears to be. She is actually bashful, prone to outbursts, easily upset, and also quite emotional. However, she is also terrifying, uncontrollable, unpredictable, and snarky.

One of the most prominent aspects about Selica is the fact that she doesn't necessarily seem to care for any other being. Her attitude toward others is very bold and she doesn't seem to fear anyone. However, she doesn't seem to really be too fond of speaking to too many people normally. Selica enjoys small groups of one to two people tops, three is pushing it a bit, and four or above seems to be too many people for her. At about four people Selica can become very irritated and in a hurry to scat. Her mood could change from quite confident to rather antsy. However, in smaller groups the white haired female seemed to enjoy the company of others. Her confidence is at an all-time high and she could either be very much a show off or just rather loud and energetic. When meeting new people, Selica doesn't care what race a being is, what gender a being is, or what a being looks like. The girl does start to care when a being becomes too interested in her or aggressive.

Although she may seem confident, calm, cool, or whatever, Selica becomes rather shy when she's around someone of the opposite gender that seems interested in her. The girl has never known what love is and thinking about those things makes her nervous. Her face can turn bright red and her mind can become rather frazzled. Selica can also start to become a bit unbalanced and clumsy. Her words can begin to studder, as well. If Selica were to fall in love, she would never give up on the person. She would do anything for them, be anything for them, even if that meant she had to die.

Depending on who it is that angers her, Selica's anger can go one of two ways. If it's someone simply trying to irritate her, Selica can be prone to random outbursts of yelling fits or she can become rather emotional. On the flip side, if someone is being aggressive towards Selica, she can become rather hostile and try to attack someone. When in combat mode, Selica can become rather snarky and maybe a little too confident. Her main goal would be to either draw blood, knock out, or kill her opponent in her most stylish fashion.

Depending on the level of irritation, Selica doesn't allow for anyone to pick on her without a say in it. She has no problem with picking back or simply mumbling under her breath. She has a mouth that has no filter and she's not afraid to use it. Except for when she's seriously hurt, emotionally or physically.

When Selica is emotonally defeated, her only option is to keep her mouth shut and let the depression or sadness run its course. Whether it be through crying or simply through being alone with her thoughts for however long it takes, Selica would never ask anyone for help, considering her enormous amount of pride. When physically defeated, Selica will simply take the pain and hope her regeneration would take the course quickly. However, Her regeneration simply cannot heal everything and even then, she'd be too prideful to ask for a hand. Her being defeated in battle can lead to a depression that could last a long while.

Even though Selica seems to be more of a lone wolf type girl, She is always looking for that one person with a strength that she is attracted to. If she's bound to live for hundreds of more years, then she wants to spend it watching people get destroyed in battles, she wants to spend it with someone more powerful than herself, and she wants to live a more exciting life than what she has.


Normal: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical Traits:

Selica Afde6e337e2bf9e96ebca6f3b5b280bc

Standing at about a height of 5 feet 4 inches is a beautiful goddess almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless but also quite luminescent. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Selica is quite a beauty to behold. Her frame is thin, yet rather alluring and plump. From her cute, wide hips to her her well endowed breasts, everything about her seems quite seductive, except maybe the hole that sits directly between said breasts. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense. Her hands are small but all ten of her fingers are covered in bone fragments, which bend at the joints allowing her to use them properly. Her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick looking and her calves filling out quite nicely. Her small, yet semi pointed chin creates a young, sweet, and snarky look to her features.

Covering her astonishing frame is skin that is so fair, yet so smooth. However, nothing compliments her complexion like her long, natural, red hair. It hangs at a length that is just above her elbows. The beautiful locks are normally left in their natural downed wavy state. She doesn't hold bangs as her hair comes out from her center part and frames her face nicely. And what wonderful eyes they are, complimenting her lovely locks and bows with their green shine. They hold a sense of care, fierceness, and confidence that could attract the masses in a matter of just moments. Just under those green orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of small, soft, red lips (due to lipstick).

Being the outgoing but also semi shy type she is, Selica seems to wear more revealing clothing that covers everything it needs to whilst also showing off her stunning beauty. Her clothing normally consists of plant material. Her dresses, her shirts, or apparel that simply just covers without looking like anything real. She refrains from wearing any sort of shoes and she normally sports vines around her limbs for visual effects.


General Fighting Style:
Selica's favorite type of fighting is hit and run quite literally. Selica is very advanced in hand to hand combat, considering her Zanpakuto is a small rose. That's never seemed to bother her considering she likes to get all up close and personal when she does get to fight. The girl loves to feel the heat of the moment and the blood pouring from someone's nose after a nice punch to the face. She also loves to show off her speed.

However when things become more difficult than expected, Selica loves to show off her pant manipulating powers and give her opponent a show. It starts off with plants/plant energy coming from her body, then when she releases plants grow from surrounding areas, and then finally, the living plants. However with the increasing powers, Selica can become more unstable in her mental state leaving her lust for victory and blood to blind her, if she's not careful.

Strengths: Selica's greatest strength is most definitely her Sonido, considering she's mastered it quite well. Her speeds are quite difficult to deal with and they only grow with her releases. Her second greatest strength would then have to be her hand to hand combat abilities. Selica has quite a large variety of skill when it comes to hand to hand combat, however she hasn't quite mastered it yet. However, she is quite proficient. Her pesquisa may not be one of her best abilities, however Selica has an average grasp on it. She is able to identify multiple targets, if she concentrates hard enough. Selica also has access to her Hierro, which is strong enough to withstand a normal Zanpakuto in its sealed state.
Weaknesses: Selica's largest weakness is her swordsmanship skills, considering she only uses uses weapons in her released states. She has very little knowledge of how to wield one, much less how to view one as a being itself. Her knowledge is fairly basic. Next would be her skill with Pesquisa, considering it takes time for her to sense those with spiritual pressure. About at the same level would be her Hierro, since it is basic enough to simply hold out against a sealed zanpakuto.


Sealed Appearance:

Selica S-l300

Just as shown in the picture above, Selica's Zanpakuto is none other than a blue rose just a tad lighter than a blue sky. Considering it is so small and is indeed a real, natural flower, one would not suspect the small plant life that sits upon the girl's ear to be such an important object. The stem holds a few thorns that retreat when in contact with Selica as not to harm her. However, this small object shouldn't be taken lightly, since it is the girl's Zanpakuto it has the strength to withstand any other Zanpakuto it could come into contact with.

Zanpakuto Name: Shi no Bara or in English translation "Rose of Death"
Zanpakuto Call Out: "Grow..."
Cero: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey, and Cero Oscuras.
Personal Ability:
Human Plant: This is a passive ability in which basic plant creation can be formed from Selica's own bodily structure. (For example, vines from her hands, rose thorn whips, etc.)

General Techniques:
Photoautotroph: This allows for Selica to take in Solar Energy just as a plant to recover from any damage she sustains by causing her to heal at a drastically increased rate, closing the wounds on her body and growing back any lost limbs within extremely short periods of time. Despite the extent to which it can heal the body, internal organs, such as the brain cannot be regenerated. (Solar energy can still be taken from the moon's light considering it's simply the sun's reflected light. It works similarly to high speed regeneration. It does not work if the sun is blocked.)

Bamboo Shield: This ability allows for Selica to create a Bamboo shield from her body the size of her torso. The shield has the strength to block damage equal to that of two ceros before breaking into pieces. This technique does have a 2 post cooldown.

Flora Energy Blast: With this ability, Selica can generate and expel two energy blasts per post with the damage equal to half of a cero's. Each blast holds a size equal to the circumference of a basketball.

Toxic Spores: Per one post, with a one post grace period in between, Selica can cimpact and expel up to twelve bullet sized balls. These balls hold toxins which can disorient a target's senses making then dizzy while also being unable to see or hear properly. Upon impact the balls can explode spewing the toxin, within a one foot diameter.



Selica Csm_Unbenannt-1_61_77457ac0a7

The backside of her hands become covered in a skeletal structure. Her attire changes with her appearance as well. In this state, Selica sports a green, floral bikini top and a green skirt that holds a plant material.

The most drastic change about Selica's being seems to be her Zanpakuto. Her Zanpakuto changes from a simple rose to a two weapons resembling knives. The blade is a silver with a blue tint adding on to it as one looks up the blade toward the tip and it holds a miraculous array of floral designs from bottom to top. The handle sports the same look except in a more golden color, however the end of the Zanpakuto holds a small silver rose dangling off of it.


Name: Eco-Kinesis
Description: The user is able to manipulate all forms of plant life, including the elemental nature of wood. She is able to generate said plant life using her own spiritual energy or by manipulating that around her directly. She is able to do this within five hundred feet of herself and can create things up to the size of one hundred feet tall and thirty feet wide at any one time. The plant-life does not have to be "living" for her to manipulate it, as she can give it pseudo-life using her own unique spiritual energy while controlling it. This means she can control plant-based objects and things that have plants as the bulk of their make up. Like paper. Nothing created can ever exceed a gran rey cero in terms of how strong or durable it is and nothing she makes will ever be able to exceed the speed of bala regardless of how it is "moving".

Name: Plant Mutation
Description: She is able to change the make up of any plant she is controlling in order to make it do different things. Such as emitting spores to try and make someone dizzy if they breath in the spores or spitting a bunch of goop in an attempt to temporarily blind someone. Regardless of what the effect is it will only last one post with a grace of one post.


Every part of her hands become fully enveloped in a skeletal structure and she gains small appearance updates. Vines wrap around her legs, forearms, and neck. However, her weapons nor the rest of her outfit changes.


Name: Botanical Golem
Description: The user is able to create up to four plant based golems. Either from wood, bamboo, grass, whatever as long as it's plant based. These golems are as durable as steel through reiatsu strengthening and can deal damage as though they had "physical strength" as a strength. They are able to freely manipulate their body and "extend/grow/retract" their limbs and body up to 20 feet at will.

Name: Ironwood Shield
Description: Using her knowledge of plants, Selica creates a shield the size of her torso using the strongest wood the human world has to offer, ironwood. Once she infuses it with her spiritual energy, the shield then has the strength to withstand a Cero Oscuras and under once per four posts.


She remembered a face and a beautiful face at that. She remembered a soft and calming voice. She remembered the feeling of warmth and something that would never fade. She didn't know who that woman was nor what she was to her, however she hoped to see that woman again. She hoped to hear that voice again. She hoped to feel that warmth again. Then, it all faded to black but it seemed to have just started.

When she awoke, all she could hear were many, many voices. They all sounded so terrified, angry, or just so loud. She couldn't quite comprehend what was happening to her but something wasn't normal. As the vision faded back into her eyes, all the being saw was sand, sand, sand for miles and miles. All she saw was a barren wasteland. All she saw was her hopes fading from her mind. Where was she? What was she doing? Why did she hear so many voices? There was nobody around, however it had seemed as if she was in control, so she would travel. She would travel the barren land until she felt that something wasn't right within this body of hers. She felt a lust for something, a lust for power, a lust for something to kill, but what? In the wrong place at the wrong time, wandered a being that was just a but smaller than what she was. Within moments, the thing had devoured it and that's when she knew what she had to keep doing to survive. For many, many years, this girl would wander this barren desert devouring anything that she could. She felt her power growing, she felt the strength surging through her, and eventually she would hear the voices less and less. She would only see herself grow larger in size with each passing meal. Still, she wanted more.

At last, the girl had felt her satisfaction growing the more she consumed. She had grown more powerful than any being she had come across as she destroyed them left and right. She had forgotten about any past she might have had. All she felt was bloodlust and all she remembered were her instincts. It was a cruel world she had been exposed to and a world where intellect didn't matter. Without notice, everything had gone black once more.

When the girl awoke, she noticed her hollow appearance had changed. She wasn't a creature but she was a human. Her whole anatomy had changed, however she didn't quite know what to do. Eventuly, a being similar to herself had found her and taught her everything she needed to know. The girl had named herself Selica and she had shaped her own personality. She had changed so much since her beginning. However, the one thing that had never changed was her love for plants.

Side Notes: n/a
RP Sample: -_- Do I have to?

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