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Ayame Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:28 pm

Name: Ayame Yuuichi
Alias: (hmmm)
Real Age: 325
Phys. Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Ayame has quite the personality being someone that’s strong yet soft, bold yet reserved, and dull yet interesting. She is quite the contradiction, but she is very subtle in her ways.

Ayane can be quite strong in her ways for she always fights for what she believes in. She always fights for the people she is close to. She always won't back down from something that she believes in. She strives for the hest when everyone around her is against her. Ayame is the very embodiment of strength not showing anyone her weaknesses, although she definitely knows what they are. Even when things get tough, she will always find a way to keep moving forward, even if that means she HAS to accept the help of another. Ayame doesn't necessarily reach out, until she reaches a fork in the road or hits rock bottom. She also strives for the strength of those around her. She is easy to shove people in the direction she believes they should go, even if they don't want her to. She is easy to challenge those around her, even if it means they resent her. This also shows in the care of her patients particularly when they whine or cry.

On the opposite hand, Ayame can also be very soft in her own ways, however she rarely shows this side of herself. She can be a saving grace to those who just need someone to listen or give advice. She can be a protector to a small, scared child. She can be a friendly face to anyone who needs her to be. This is where her healing passion comes from. Ayame cares for people in her own way and she is constantly wanting to save lives. Nobody deserves death, even those that are against the Soul Society (although she won't feel too bad about their deaths), in her eyes and she gets quite the sickly feeling when she can't save someone. However, she does understand she cannot save everyone leaving her more determined to save as many as she can rather than every single person ever. This side especially comes out around children, as Ayame finds her strength fade into a more caring piece of herself. No matter what race, what gender, what their aligned with, or what they think of her, Ayame will always be more gentle with the children/animals and will definitely do everything in her power to keep them safe.

Ayame is also quite bold in her ways not caring what the people around her may think of her, as long as she believes what she is doing/saying is right. She will always speak her mind if she sees it necessary and she will always act on her own if she believes it's the right thing to do. She doesn't care about the people around her judging her. She doesn't care about the people around her coming after her. She doesn't care about what her actions or words make her out to be. However, she doesn't make it a habit to fight with other people. She doesn't make it a habit to insult other people. She doesn't make it a habit to speak meaningless words for everything she does (as long as it is a serious moment) she plans out in great detail before doing it.

Ayame is also very reserved not speaking her own feelings too much and not letting those feelings get the best of her. She doesn’t allow her feelings to drag her down or through the mud. No, Ayame takes care of her own feelings and knows when to act upon them meaning they normally stay bottled inside to an extent. Of course, there are still very rare moments where her emotions can he seen lashing out (depending on the severity). However much of the time, the doctor keeps to herself and worried about the wellbeing of others over herself.

Considering that she is so reserved and strong in mentality, Ayame can be seen as quite a dull woman. She can come off as royal, stuck up, or even entitled, however she doesn't seem to feel that way at all. She seems to have no flavour, no personality, no thoughts other than rude ones, no heart, no soul, and not even a little bit of sweetness. She seems cold, drab, ruthless, and quite bitter when it comes to conversing with others and interacting with people. She always seems to be so focused, strict, and all about herself. Her strength and wish for other’s strength can seem heartless, her reserved self can be mistaken for conceitedness.

However, her outlook on others is quite something interesting, even her interests are interesting. First off, she doesn't really have a care in the world what race anyone is, what kind of person they are, or what they've done, she won't bother with anyone that won't bother with her, unless it just so happens in the current state that they are at war with her people. Then of course, she can't simply look in the other direction. She always wants to be out exploring the worlds, meeting new people, and working on different beings just to gain the medical knowledge to save the lives of many. She doesn't exactly like to be told what to do or how to do things, which explains why she is so headstrong in her ways and does what she believes is right. However, she's amazingly skilled at what she does and she can be quite a marvellous leader, even though her staff seems to be a bit nervous around her and her patients seem a bit jumpy.

During combat, Ayame tries to stay out of the mix only being involved in the healing process to continue sending troops out into the field since she doesn't particularly wish to harm or even kill anyone. However if she needs to be involved, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve for protection purposes and she won't go down without a fight. Although she may be headstrong, her muscles are nothing to ignore either. Yikes.

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120lbs
Physical Traits:
Ayame Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUNz3dz4Q-_SiRSwXPXI0K4LePj9W9S5anBQve2azND5CQ8N8_qQ
Ayame doesn't necessarily look like a normal young woman for there are many features that stick out about her appearance. However this doesn't take away from her beauty, it only seems to add to it. To many, she seems flawless in appearance; most girls would want to be her, boys wouldn't want to look away from her, and children always want to be around her. Some say Ayame could be a goddess, some say she could be a princess, and some say she could be an angel. Fantasy stories seem to revolve around her purely due to her appearance and composure. She looks sophisticated, soft, and like she could rule with an iron fist.

Hair: Ayame’s hair almost seems too perfect to truly be hers but it simply is. The color is jet black, which has been compared to the night sky on more than a few occasions. Its length is slightly past the elbows, which is what most girls would dream theirs to be like, while others could only wonder why the young shinigami would want it at such a length due to the many probabilities of danger. Considering her hair is so long, it's quite the surprise when one finds the texture is rather soft and quite smooth. Of course, it takes quite the effort to make such a thick head of hair feel and look in such a manner. Nonetheless, the girl takes very high pride in her looks and always strives to make the best impression. Though sometimes, the way it looks may normally depends on how Ayame feels that day. If she's feeling quite lazy or just wants to be simple, it will either stay down or go straight up in some easy fashion: bun, ponytail, braid, etc. However in its normal state, Ayame’s locks can be seen simply laid flat upon her head, but in a wavy fashion that gives it just the right amount of volume. Never will her hair ever be seen laying over her face, unless out of embarrassment of some sort, because she simply believes that every patient should get a good look at the one saving their life. Something must always be done to the young shinigami's hair because under absolutely no circumstances will Ayame ever leave her hair a mess.

Eyes: This girl's eyes are a purple/pink mix, which many times leaves them to be compared with stars due to how they shine brightly and beautifully. With every passing moment, the small shinigami tries to keep her eyes sparkling with a sense of confidence that could calm anyone staring into them. She wants her passion to outshow anything else she may be feeling or thinking. Nonetheless, she always seems to be able to become serious at a moments notice for any reason necessary. Also, it is very difficult to pierce through her facade and tell what Ayame is feeling by looking into these beautiful mixed colored orbs: when she is sad, they become quite dull compared to their usual selves, when she is angry, they seem to pierce straight through you, when she is scared, her eyes appear to be distant, etc. However one thing that will almost never be seen coming from those very eyes, is tears for Ayame had been taught, since she could first remember, that tears show weakness and are also a burden to others, especially in the field she is in. Showing tears is asking for attention in her eyes and shows that she cannot handle herself, which the young shinigami finds very disappointing. However that doesn't mean she NEVER cries, that'd just be crazy.. it just doesn't happen often.

Face: When others see Ayame’s face, they might possibly think perfection or innocence. Her lips are smaller but they are a beautiful light pink color. Her nose is also quite small and short with a bit of a rounded point nose tip. Her cheekbones are said to be crafted by the most masterful of hands just as her jawline which doesn't show much, yet blends in perfectly to sculpt her face. Overall, her features are quite cute. Upon her face, a smile cannot exactly be seen, honestly her face always looks quite expressionless with a twinge of emotion. It has been said that her smile could light the darkest corners and spread happiness to even the saddest of people, which is something to look forward to considering it doesn't happen too too often. Her smile is also said to be brighter than the sun itself, however no matter how hard she may try to hide them, it's a bit more obvious what other emotions she may be feeling. Her whole being can be read simply by looking at her face, but you just have to know exactly what you're looking for.

Body: This little black haired shinigami is quite petite with her height only being about 5'3" and her weight only being about 120 lbs. Her breasts are only about a B cup size placing them at a smaller than average size, yet easy to manage, especially when it comes to bra shopping. Her skin is a lighter more pale color that seems to tie all of her wonderful colored features together leaving her in a doll-like state of appearance. However out of all of her many appealing features, there is something that sticks out the most in all eyes about this very girl. Ayame ever since she could remember, has had a small, heart shaped birthmark upon her cheek, which almost looks like a sort of tattoo considering it's a dark violet in color. Most would call it a mark of royalty due to the brilliant, purple color, others would call it a mark that ought to be removed, and very few would say it's a mark of a goddess.

Normal: Ayame will normally wear anything befitting a young lady or a doctor, since her appealing features have gotten such a title hammered into her skull she believes she should at least follow through with class. Nonetheless, her outfits need to stay flexible and light due to her position within the Seireitei. These outfits can range from skirts and blouses to dresses of all different color. Her favorite colors to wear are black, purple, or silver however, the colors can vary depending on what she finds cute or what she really wants. Most of the time, her outfits will hold some sort of loose, soft material leaving room to move freely without the worry of showing off too much of any inappropriate sights. Most of her outfits include a short sleeved top, whether it be dress or shirt and pair of jeans, a skirt, or jean shorts. On her feet, she normally will wear a type of boot ending just at the ankle, normally black in color. If she's not in the mood for boots, she will wear converse or flats. Over all that clothing, Ayame will wear her special doctor’s coat with her initials embroidered on it. Ayame doesn't necessarily like high heels because she can't walk in them properly, which leads to more problems on her part and hurts her feet. I mean.. she's supposed to heal OTHER people not herself.

Night: Ayame’s nightwear can consist of a variety of things, however normally consist of a light materialed dress. The material must be soft or else she refuses to sleep in any sort of condition. The dress is normally of a silk material and is always black in color. However, she can be seen wearing a type of silk materialed shorts and a shirt instead when she wants to take a nightly stroll. The shirt definitely has to be purple and the shorts completely have to be black, preferably without pockets.

Formal: Ayame’s formal wear very much depends on the state of the event considering the events may have a specific theme. Nonetheless, her formal wear is always a dress with flats or sandals, of some sort, again, unless the event calls for a specific type of dress. The color also depends on the event but her favorite color to wear for formal attire is black and purple. Her overall favorite type of dress is a long, ankle length dress that seems to hug her curves in just the right places. In the case that she needs to, Ayame may style her hair differently than she normally does. However, if the event calls for it, Ayame can be seen wandering around in her official shinigami wear, which she doesn't necessarily like to flaunt around in, she'd much rather wear her doctor's coat.

Ayame does have one scar right across her back from top right shoulder to her bottom left hip. She was quite literally stabbed in the back by a man she was sworn to love.

General Fighting Style: During combat, Ayame tries to stay out of the mix only being involved in the healing process to continue sending troops out into the field since she doesn't particularly wish to harm or even kill anyone. However if she needs to be involved, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve for protection purposes and she won't go down without a fight. Although she may be headstrong, her muscles are nothing to ignore either.
Strengths: Reiatsu/Reiryoku, Strength, and Hand-to-Hand
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Speed, Agility, and Kidou

Ability Name: Healing Waters
Ability Description:

If and when Ayame touches any amount of water, it is purified unless governed by another player controlled contaminant. Any pure water under Ayame's control has healing properties, having been touched by her reiatsu, and is the basis for her other healing abilities.

Ability Name: Water Manipulation
Ability Description: Ayame has frigging water manipulation. Bow down to her. Her level of control is intensely precise, as it is required to properly treat wounds. With that precision is a firm control of form, heat, intensity, and even state of the water she has under her command.

Sealed Appearance:
Ayame 51ylyNtfeSL._SY355_

Ayame’s Zanpakuto is nothing short of fascinating from the hilt to the tip of the blade. At the very top of the hilt sits a metal dragon head silver in color with a face as though it is roaring. Ayame believes this symbolizes her strong spirit and determination considering she is always pushing forward. The hilt is clothed in a beautiful violet wrapping matching the very color of her eyes and a color that she absolutely adores laid over another favourite of hers. Under all that wrapping is a black metallic handle, which she believes matches her jet black hair, however it is also clad in dragon-like scales. Now, the guard is also something very special on the sword for it is clad in carvings of dragons and fire. Along the blade, there are also patterns of dragon-like scales all the way to the very tip.

Zanpakutou Name: Fūjin
Call Out Command: Chikara

Appearance: In this form, Ayame’s Zanpakuto changes color to that of light blue cloth with a clear, glass looking blade, however the metal consistency does not change. However, Ayame doesn't change aside from the fact that her eyes turn blue and her birthmark glows blue. Weird right?

Ability Name:
Water Orb Extraction
Ability Description:
Ayame creates a large orb of water which heals any wounds that may be present over time. In addition, it can extract impurities, poisons, infections, and anything that may be harming the afflicted person.

Ability Name:
Ability Description:
Ayame has such precise control of her water manipulation, that she can create the equivalent of a scalpel out of just a bit of water. This is used primarily for operations where she would need to cut into someone to properly treat them, but can easily be used in combat as well.

Ability Name:
Hot Cubes?
Ability Description:
Ayame has such a well maintained control of her water manipulation that she can use it to create water in the form of ice cubes with scorching temperatures without them melting forming up to at most a dozen. This can be used to cauterize large wounds that she simply can't heal herself, however they could very well be used to cause burning upon her opponent. However, the cubes are also able to be broken into shards, which can then be launched into an opponent burning the target's insides.

Ability Name:
Scalding Steam
Ability Description:
As every other ability before states, Ayame can utilize her water manipulation to form a cloud of steam that stretches 5m in diameter. This could be used in a small, enclosed room to create a sort of sauna for patients to improve mental stability or relaxation. However, it could also be used to encase her target scalding anyone within the mist giving them 2nd degree burns.

Ability Name:
Freezing Mist
Ability Description:
Ayame can separate the particles of her water to form a mist, and through controlling its temperature carefully can cause the mist to freeze anything it comes in contact with. This only works on water she's controlling. Ayame can use this ability for an entire post, but it has a 3 post cooldown.

New Name: Muichi Fūjin
Ayame Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQkTe7DBOvBAcqQsxM2onvUBUmGh2YJwGu3GEHmDkgcLkNAqC_B4g

In Bankai, Ayame’s Zanpakuto still doesn't change the blade remains glass looking, except the purple turns to a navy blue in color. In return, Ayame gains the above outfit in the same navy blue color along with the hairstyle. However, her own jet black hair color stays the same along with everything else.


Ability Name:
Ebb and Flow
Ability Description:
Ayame can release a wave of energy from her body or sword, following the arc of her swing. This either inflicts cero level damage to everything and is black water, or grants everything hit by it High Speed Regen for 2 posts and is white water. Regardless, it travels for 20m and has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Climate Change
Ability Description:
Ayame can create a mist of water similar to Freezing Mist, though much more sparse and taking up more room. The true power of this technique however lies within the fact that at a moment's notice it can invert its temperature, rising to upwards of 100* Celsius, inflicting second degree burns on everything within. This has a 6 post cooldown.

Not gonna use:

New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]

She was so young that she could barely remember, but she knew that she hadn't always been there. She knew that she hadn't always been a part of those people. She didn't want to be with them and she didn't want to stay. No, she just wanted to go back to her parents. She knew they had taken her but she wasn't sure why. They had brought her to a place that seemed rundown, but had a whole underground system of troubles. There were children everywhere. Some in cages, some with weapons, and some chained around the neck to do work. What was this place?

She wasn't sure how long she had been there, but she spent years torturing other people, kids, and even older adults. She had been forced to kill, maim, electrocute, drown, and more. It wasn't what she wanted. She cried every day. She never wanted to be there. She only wanted a real family. She didn't like hurting people. She wanted to help them. None of them had names. She didn't know any of them. She didn't have a name. Did her parents ever name her? What did it matter? She didn't know, but she was going to escape this place one day.

One day during a torture exercise, tears streaming the teens face they came. They came and busted down the doors. They blinded everyone and there was smoke everywhere. All the bad guys were capture, however she was captured too. They thought she was one of them. They took her to jail, where she tried to tell her story, yet they still took her to court. She had been in that case for a long time, and she had lived in a home where she was watched every day. Until, the case ended. She was not guilty. She was free to live her life. She had been given a name. Ayame. She didn't understand why they had to choose one for her but.. she didn't mind it. They had done well.

Anyway, Ayame had spent a lot of time building herself into a life. She had been well into her twenties when it happened. She had a nice full time job, a house, and a new boyfriend. He was a bit awkward around her but she figured he just loved her that much. Everything was good, but one night something happened to him. In a drunken rage he was yelling at her, screaming something about her killing his brother. She didn't know who he was. She hadn't known any of those kids. She didn't want to. As she tried to get away, he would stab her in the right shoulder dragging the blade all the way to her left hip across the back. She would lay on the floor in agonizing pain until she had bled out.

She hadn't sent much time as a spirit before a kind man in black robes of sorts came to her aid promising she wouldn't be hurt. Instead, he would stamp her? The next thing she knew, she was in a new world. A new place where she was…. Wow she was hungry. She would be found by a woman who would bring her along to the Soul Society where she would learn, grow, and become a better woman than she had ever been. Her own power had come from her wishing to help people. She never wanted to kill another person again. She just wanted to help in any way she could. However, she just couldn't get over the fact that she could do what she thought was right. She wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do, unless she absolutely had to. She wouldn't let anyone judge her. She would live for her own benefit to try to right her wrongs.

Side Notes: No
Roleplay Sample: Mei says no

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