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Esme Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:30 pm

Name: Esme
Apparent Age: 24
True Age: 495
Sex: Female
Esme is normally seen as a loner type, who tends to kind her own business; however, not in a seclusion kind of way. She keeps herself away from people simply because she likes to be alone and doesn't wish to bother anyone particularly. She likes being in her own head, feeling the world around her, listening to the other living beings in their natural habitats, and just soaking it all in. She doesn't necessarily see life as something sacred or something to be protected. No, she seems to yearn for something more from it like perhaps, what she's looking for is available in the everyday interactions of nature or people. However if someone tries to interact with her, she will gladly accept their company. For an arrancar, she is actually quite friendly. Because of her normally sticking to herself, Esme can also be seen as someone calm and collected. Most times, she is seen admiring things, sitting down somewhere, or off in her own little world. It's not certain the type of things that she thinks about when she's out of it, but she does tend to seem more gentle.

Although Esme may seem to be out of it most of the time, she does tend to have a more serious streak as well. She knows when to pay attention, she knows when to listen, and she knows when to talk back. She can act when told to and she can do whatever it is she is asked to do without question most of the time. She tries to do her job efficiently and quickly so that she can have more time for herself afterwards. She takes her relationships with people in a more serious manner, if they manage to get to the friend point and beyond with her. She takes the lives of those she cares about seriously and ANY threat made towards that would be dealt with in a hostile manner. Esme doesn't tend to joke around about the things that are important to her, nor does she take the act of harming children by simply brushing it off. Sure, she may side with the “bad guys” but she does have her redeeming qualities.

Although she may seem rather simple, Esme is actually quite complex in her emotions. Just because she seems unaffected by them, they normally hold a rather large weight within her. Esme is most times never speaking on her own feelings too much just because she doesn't seem to find hers all that important. She doesn’t allow her feelings to drag her down or through the mud to a certain extent. No, Esme only cares about acting on her feelings when she can find meaning in doing so. If it's for the betterment of herself, she'll act on that. If it's for that rare someone that's close to her, she'll act on that. This also makes Esme bolder in her ways not caring what the people around her may think of her, as long as she believes what she is doing/saying is necessary. She will always speak her mind if she sees it necessary and she will always act on her own if she believes it's the thing to do. She doesn't care about the people around her judging her. She doesn't care about the people around her coming after her. She doesn't care about what her actions or words make her out to be as long as she knows and can feel they're the right ones to speak.

Sadly enough, behind every good person is a darker side, whether it be controlled, locked away, or rampant. Esme’s darker side leans more towards the rampant side, when it feels fit. In a moment’s notice, Esme can turn from a nice, calm woman to a sadistic, demon of a beast ready to kill and maim. The trigger for this usually depends on the moment. It could be a simple order, it could be an anger that she simply can't satisfy, it could be the harm of someone close to her, or it could be the harm of her own self that sets her off. Of course, Esme may be a passive woman; however, she doesn't stand for people trying to intentionally push her around that aren't supposed to. She doesn't stand for the harm of people close to her or innocent little kids.

When Esme becomes enraged or is made to fight, she can become quite cold. She won't hold back, she won't give it a second thought, and she won't try to negotiate anything. She does what she is told to do and is feeling in that moment. The only problem with her person is that she tends to get carried away once she reaches a certain point. This is more rare than it was before she joined the Espada. A small one on one could become the murder of a massive amount of people. A simple protective state could become the rampage of this arrancar leaving nothing in her path safe, except for the rare occasion. When her rage has subsided or when she is brought back to the world, it can be seen that she does recall the horrors she inflicted. However, what she feels in that moment just depends on the situation.


Esme 498cade127e2c212dcb9fc90bf4cccef
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 125lbs
Physical Traits:
Standing at about a height of 5 feet 3 inches is a beautiful, humble woman almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless but also quite luminescent. Every feature seems to compliment another and every curve seems to do so in just the right places at just the right angles. Her being is truly astounding.

Esme is quite a beauty to behold, even though she doesn't hold it to a very high standard. Her frame is petite, yet rather adoring. From her cute, wide hips to her fairly normally plump breasts, everything about her seems so beautiful, except maybe the hole that sits directly at her left hip. Her arms are proportioned rather nicely to the rest of her, although they don't seem to be muscular in any sense. Her hands are small, soft, and flawless. Her legs hold a wonderfully soft and smooth feature to them with her thighs being thick looking and her calves filling out quite nicely. Her small, yet semi pointed chin creates a young, sweet, and blank look to her features.

Covering her adorable frame is skin that is so fair, yet so smooth. Although, her skin may be flawless, it seems as though small scars rest upon her upper body even distributed throughout. Nothing compliments her complexion like her short turquoise and white hair. It hangs at a length that is just below her shoulder but just above her chest. Her bone piece sits right at her collar and traces from the beginning of her neck to just before her shoulder. The beautiful locks are normally left flowing down considering there is never much to do with short hair. Her luscious bangs hang across the right side of her forehead and swing just over her right eye. And what wonderful eyes they are, complimenting her lovely locks with their luminescent, blue shine. They hold a sense of care, calm, and confidence that could attract the masses in a matter of just moments. Just under those light turquoise orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of small, soft, pink lips.

Considering Esme likes to keep humble about her beauty, she doesn't necessarily try to dress a certain way. She dresses for warm weather normally with a T-shirt or blouse, shorts, and sneakers. She dresses for cold weather in long sleeved shirts, pants, and boots. She dresses for the beach/water in a bikini. She dresses for formal events in knee length, strapless dresses and heels. Ya know, the usual.

General Fighting Style: When Esme does actually fight, she's more of a hit hard and stand her ground type of woman, while also worrying about not being injured herself. She isn't the type to back down, nor is she the type to show mercy. When Esme starts to fight, she is determined to finish it quick and personally with as much force as possible. She goes from calm to an impenetrable force with a lust for destruction.

Strengths: Strength
Weaknesses: Reiryoku
Boosts: Strength X2

Sealed Appearance:
Esme 41qlBUWGA8L._US500_

On her right (main) hand, Esme wears a turquoise beaded bracelet and on her left (off) hand she sports two more beaded bracelets.

Zanpakuto Name: Bast
Zanpakuto Call Out: Force
Cero: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey, Cero Oscuras

Ability Name: Megaton Punch!
Ability Description: Esme causes lots of collateral damage to the landscape around her with each blow that misses it's target and deals a cero worth of pain to any target she does hit.

Ability Name: Negated Regeneration
Ability Description:  As an arrancar she has chosen to give up her regeneration to increase her physical abilities further by a 1x boost at all times.

Ability Name: Combat Hierro
Ability Description: Her heirro on her hands, arms, legs, and feet are much more durable than normal allowing her to deal with blows from Zanpaktou MUCH easier with those limbs without being injured.


Esme 41QkY7uewhL._AC_UL260_SR200,260_
Each bracelet gets a helmet shaped charm.

In Resurrection, Esme doesn't necessarily change very much from her original self. Everything necessarily stays the same, aside from her figure and her eyes. Her eyes change from their natural blue color to an amber tone and she also supports a tad bit more muscular looking tone to her being.


Ability Name:Body of Steel
Ability Description: Esme’s Combat Heirro now encompasses her entire body and gives her a x2 boost to Heirro versus all damage.

Ability Name: Overpowered Cero
Ability Description: Esme’s cero can only be used once per post but fires at double strength.

Ability Name: Delayed Reaction
Ability Description: Esme's body takes 2 posts to actually react to any wounds inflicted on her. This means if she's stabbed through the stomach, the wound won't actually impact her and she won't feel it, for 2 posts. Due to her Negated Regeneration, she cannot heal from the wounds aside from natural healing, so this is literally just a delay.

Ability Name: Eternal Retribution
Ability Description: Esme can delete any one non-final level attack from existence per post. This ability gains a cooldown equal to the ability she negated (3 posts for Gran Rey, 4 for Oscuras, 5 for Forbidden).

Ability Name: Anti Mobility Unit
Ability Description: For 2 posts, nothing can move Esme except for herself and her own free will. This has a 3 post cooldown beginning when the technique ends.

Boosts: Strength X3


In Segunda, Esme’s bracelets change from that of a helmet to a symbol of a skull and crossbones.


Esme Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQC3LOCmX45qOkNjWMjROOnLTthHkCZSob6cSp8KSyKgEKquvuK

Also in segunda, Esme’s appearance takes a drastic turn from her original self. Her hair takes on a longer length ending just at the elbows. Her eyes change once more to a shade of crimson. Her muscle tone seems to stay the same as her Resse but she seems to be much more unstable mentally at this point. Her outfit changes to the one as shown above.


Ability Name:Eternal Vanguard
Ability Description: Esme can now banish up to 2 attacks per post, provided they're both of Cero strength of weaker, and if not, her cooldown is lowered by 1. (2 for Gran Rey, 3 for Oscuras, 4 for Forbidden).

Ability Name: Anit Mobility Tank
Ability Description: Esme's Anti Mobility Unit from Res becomes a passive, always active. Nothing can move Esme without her acceptance to it.

Boosts: Strength X4

Ah, France. It had always been a fairly popular place, especially during the time of the 16th century. Well, paris was anyway. With the coming of the renaissance and the beautiful artwork of Paris, it was the perfect tourist attraction for just about anyone. This would have been the perfect place for a growing girl to learn and grow into her own being. Sadly, she would never make it to the industrialized city of Paris. No, she lived in small town miles and miles away from Paris. In the town, they had a bakery, a small produce store, a china shop, a schoolhouse, and a clothing shop. Around this town, there were but a few farmlands, homes, and rivers.

This is just the place that Esme began her human life. She was born to a farmer and his wife. Now, the wife was left to take care of the child, while also taking care of the housework, the wash, the cooking, and sometimes the animals. Her husband harvested the crops and went into town for the family. So, the wife never had to leave and he had less duty to perform that way. Still, they were a semi-happy family, even with the threat of poverty looming over their small, wooden cabin of a home. Of course, the were unable to buy their own clothing and food, so they would set aside what they could from their farm to sustain themselves. Throughout Esme’s childhood, she could see the poverty becoming more and more, as people passed the small town by just to go to Paris. She grew up in farmgirl clothes watching as the rich people laughed and berated them claiming they were ignorant and uneducated. It was embarrassing and this made Esme grow to resent her parents. She resented her life. She hated where they lived.

So one night she left, she took one horse and a small bag of bread to Paris. Oh it was so dazzling, it was magnificent, it was unlike anything she had seen before. Except, she wasn't sure what to do. She had nowhere to go. She had nobody to help her. She was just a young teen looking for more than life had been able to offer her. She hardly found her way, since she had never left her home. Hell, she didn't even know how to read. She hadn't been educated, she hadn't been taught artistry, and she didn't even know if she had talents to offer to Paris. So, for the longest time she stayed in a home with many other girls and she worked in a hotel a ways down the cobblestone path. It wasn't anything more than she was getting at home, instead it felt lonelier. She didn't know these people. They saw her as weird. Her hair was white and her eyes were blue, but that didn't seem to be the case for many of the others. They were blonde, brunette, or had black hair. They were at least relatively educated, knew people, or even had a talent for something. She was the outcast and she wasn't sure if she was okay with that.

As years passed, Esme continued to work hard, yet still made it nowhere. However, she started to speak to the artists of the town, the musicians, and the intellectuals. She learned to read, she learned to paint, and she learned a bit about music. However, she had also spoken of her ideas to each, every time being shut down telling her she was mad. She was too advanced in her thinking. She was crazy. Obviously through this journey, she made it nowhere, she made no friends, the city people laughed at her poor maid girl clothing, and other girls her age mocked her. She wasn't cut out to be a city girl and they all knew it. Well, Esme had heard of an older woman with some sort of magical powers, which at the time was an oddity all on its own. Magic? That was insane. There was no such thing. She was just a crazy old woman. Nonetheless, Esme would take her chances not wanting to live another day as a servant girl. Not wanting to stay in that wretched living space with those witches of girls. She wanted to be rich, she wanted to be famous, and she wanted more out of life. She didn't belong to these people and she certainly didn't look like them. So, she would run to the woman begging for wealth, for fame, for something more. The woman somehow knew of the girl’s past, she knew of the girls predicaments, and she knew of the girl’s yearnings. Except, she had something else in mind.

The old woman would take a journey with Esme, somewhere far away. Somewhere she had taken many others before, yet she never spoke of the aftermath or the return. Still, Esme would make her journey to the top of the rather large hill with the woman, who instructed her to stand on the stone circle. It made no sense, yet Esme did as she was told. As she did so, the woman would turn into something beautiful. She wasn't old at all. She wasn't ugly at all. She wasn't fragile. She was about the same age as Esme, but she began to act weird. She would begin to speak about needing a sacrifice. A sacrifice who wouldn't be missed, who wouldn't be noticed, and who could see “the beast”. What did that eve- Oh. Esme would hear a growling behind her as she turned to look into the eyes of a-a-a demon or something. It was some hideous, tall, monster of a creature that looked somewhat like a bear from a painting she saw. As she began to back away from it, it lunged at her tearing her to pieces and devouring her entire being.

Then, she woke up in a terribly sandy place, where she would notice the same woman waiting for her. She was staring directly Esme and that seemed to trigger a rage within her. She would rise, but she was a lot taller than she had been. She would ask the woman why she did what she did, but her voice was loud, scary, and monstrous. She wasn't alone. There were voices all over her head, they mixed with hers when she spoke, they were fighting inside her, and she wondered just what the hell this woman was. As it turned out, this woman was something of a creature herself and Esme was now bound to be her pet. She had the urge to kill this woman, yet she had the strength to ignore it. How had she become this beast? Simple, her will was stronger than the others and she took over. She spent many, many more years following this wretched witch. She forced Esme to eat, eat, eat the bodies and souls of beings and when she questioned it, she was tortured, hurt, and scarred. She forced her to destroy things, people, and buildings. She forced Esme to fight these people known as Shinigami, who only wanted to kill her. This wasn't what she wanted in life. She felt trapped, used, and empty. She didn't possibly understand why this woman wanted her to do these things. She wasn't a heartless animal, even if she did go in murderous rampages. She didn't want to. Her instincts just took over and everything went blank.

Eventually, all the devouring and destroying led to a different version of her. One that looked like her human self, but wasn't. Her hair was turquoise and white. Her eyes were turquoise. Her body was different than when she was alive. Except, she didn't particularly dislike it. No, she enjoyed her new look and now she didn't have to wear those clothes that were a few hundred years too old to wear. She could have her own style and be herself. But.. who was she? What was she? What was she supposed to do? Well, she was still stuck with the terrible arrancar of a woman who had changed her so many years ago. So, she continued to follow her. She was still weak. She didn't know how to use her powers. She didn't know what her powers were. Except, this woman knew just what to do with her how to use her, and just how much power she possessed. In her wake, she murdered countless shinigami, humans, souls, and other beings that got in the way of her captor. Still, she grew in power as her captor failed to see. She failed to recognize the severity of her actions inflicted upon her fellow arrancar. She refused to believe that she was killable, until it happened. She had pushed Esme too far, and her remains found themselves in a wide open field left to rot in the human world.

Well, she wasn't quite sure what to do in this situation. She had been under the rule of another for so long that she forgot who she was. She forgot how to freely roam. She forgot what it was she wanted to do. She didn't know anything about herself. She knew where to start, though. She would find her way back to Hueco Mundo, she would find herself being attacked and attacking out of pure, uncontrollable rage. She couldn't handle herself. She didn't know what she was capable of and she wasn't strong enough to resist the urges. Was she the last one? Were there any more like her out there? Could she find somewhere to belong? She was back at square one. Lost, alone, and confused. What would she do? Well, she would find herself receiving word of a group of beings just like her. They threatened anything that stood in their way. They threatened anything that didn't join them but was capable. There she was. She was capable. Maybe, they would accept her. If not, what else did she have to lose? So, she found them.. and she joined them. She felt a bit of purpose, but she still had so many unanswered questions.
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