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Cactus Jack Sinner Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:13 pm


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Name: Cactus Jack
Apparent Age: 28
True Age: 30
Sex: Male
Personality: Cactus Jack is a psychotic individual, fueled by hatred for his fellow man and admiration for those that care for them. Cactus Jack was once a hero, and died around the time that Advent Humans began to rise to prominence. Cactus Jack feels that heroes should give up and walk away from the calls to protect humanity, he should quit trying to right the wrongs of man because it will only end in his suffering and potentially his death. To rectify this issue Cactus feels the need to hurt mankind, to maim him, to save him from himself, to chase him away from the path he's on, and lead him down to the path of righteousness and self preservation.

When dealing with others Cactus is pretty straightforward, no one is going to mistake him for a sane and rational human being and he doesn't actually wish for anyone to get that kind of picture in their head. Cactus is willing to take whatever punishment someone can dish out, he revels in pain, it's almost as though he needs it to feel alive. Taking punishment is the one thing in his life that he has found himself to be good at, but there is a bit more to the story than that. Cactus while unhinged, is a very smart guy. He can be quick witted, and his actions are nothing if not calculated. He is not the spontaneous act without reason type, but rather he prefers to be methodical, and calculated at all times.


Height: 6'2
Weight: 200 pounds
Physical Traits: Cactus Jack Sinner Latest?cb=20130727160134


General Fighting Style: Cactus is a sado-masochist who revels in his own pain and destruction, and he uses this to get in some shots on his opponents as well. Cactus was always more tactical and methodical in his approach than your average person, and he relied on mid range combat mostly.
Strengths: Weapons, Durability/Endurance, Sensing.
Weaknesses: Reiryoku, Reitsu, Strength
Boosts: 4 X all.


Ability Name: Bang Bang!
Description: Cactus Jack has a revolver on each hip resembling a 44 Magnum. These each do a Cero worth of damage, and fire at Cero speeds. Cactus can fire off as many of these as he'd like, but it will take him three posts to reload them with Spiritual Energy after he runs through the standard 6 round clip on each gun. (Three for both guns reloaded, two for individual guns)

Ability Name: Rubber Body
Description: Cactus has a body that is essentially made of rubber, and as such he can tank many attacks that others could not. His damage reduction is at a constant 60% due to his bodies composition, with the drawback that his head and heart are still of course weakpoints.

Ability Name: Rubber Heart
Description: Cactus can ignore normal constraints of the human form and will his body to do things that no human should be able to do, such as clinch his fist with every bone in his hand broken.

Ability Name: Stretchy Boyo
Description: Cactus can do stretchy rubber shenanigans (Think Luffy from One Piece) for any number of purposes.

Ability Name: Bomb Tag
Description: Cactus can slip a conspicuous piece of paper on anything he'd like, and it will blow up whenever he wills for it to do so, or when the paper burns itself off naturally. (About 3 seconds.) This does Gran Rey Cero Damage and the ensuing explosion will cover an area around 100 feet. (33 meters). 3 post cooldown.  

Ability Name: Knives
Description: Cactus has about 20 knives designed specifically to cut through Heirro and other defenses. They are on his belt, and when Cactus presses a button if he has thrown them, they will come back to him. They get thrown at Bala speeds. Only 5 per post max.

Ability Name: Rubber Shield
Description: Cactus can turn himself into a reflecting shield, and bounce an attack back at his opponent. Cooldown to match the cooldown of the attack reflected, but this can only reflect once per post at max.

Ability Name: Grenades
Description: Cactus can toss grenades that will explode when he wants them to, for up to Gran Rey Cero damage. Spammable variant does Cero damage. 3 post CD for Gran Rey, 5 uses before a 2 post cooldown for the spammable variant.

Ability Name: Explosive Rounds
Description: Cactus can use up to 24 rounds per thread of explosive ammo. These will propel a bullet through obstacles, and can be made to explode on impact for Cero damage provided that's what Cactus wants to do.

Ability Name: Regeneration
Description: Self-Explanatory, he can regenerate.

(will add more later)


History: Not much is known about Cactus Jack other than the fact that he died while protecting humanity as a hero.
Side Notes:
Roleplay Sample: Ika


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Cactus Jack Sinner Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:26 pm

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