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Joshua Tamashii Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:13 pm


Name: Joshua Tamashii
Alias: None
Real Age: 200
Phys. Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: Joshua is something of a lone wolf. He prefers to stick to himself and has no interest in joining a group or organization unless he absolutely has to in order to survive. Despite this, he does not dislike the company of others and can act kindly and protectively to those he views as friends or even mere acquaintances as long as they have done nothing to get on his bad side. To those he dislikes, he either flat out ignores or simply treats rudely, often picking fights or cursing them out for the smallest of reasons. He can also be rather forgiving, allowing others to explain any actions they take against him before determining where they stand in his point of view.

However, Joshua is more then a little short tempered and will not hesitate to fight anyone who attacks him, regardless of their strength. This is especially true if a friend is involved, causing him to act recklessly in the hopes of protecting them, even if he stands little chance against his opponent. Despite his rage though, Joshua is remain calm enough to think and know when to retreat.

Joshua's views of the other races are neutral. He doesn't hold a hatred for either Shinigami or Hollows (in his own words, he hates them both equally) and treats any member of either race the same he would anyone else. To those of power, such as Arrancar or any level, Lieutenants, and Captains, he'll treat with some measure of respect and caution, perfectly fine with leaving them alone if they leave him alone. No matter the rank, he is willing to lend a hand if it looks like they need it so long as they don't stab him in the back afterwards. This curtesy doesn't apply to all Hollows though, as he has no issue cutting down most of the lower class ones, especially those who are hunting Pluses.


Joshua Tamashii Ae43c9373d6ee1f07bb07f066532b6ba

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150
Physical Traits: Joshua is the son of an American father and a Japanese mother. From his mother, he inherited his midnight black hair color and eyes. From his father, he inherited his hairs inability to be kept straight, resulting in it always be messy and spiky, his white skin tone, and most of his facial features, which had gotten him called handsome on several occasions when he was alive. Joshua also possesses a slim yet muscular build, causing him to appear physically weaker then he really is to those who are preceptive to such things. Due to his preference of spending time outdoors, Joshua possesses a slight tan.

In terms of clothing, Joshua dresses in what most would describe as emo. He'll wear either a white or black t-shirt, depending on his mood for the day, with a black, short sleeved button-up shirt which he never buttons, black jeans or shorts depending on the weather, and a black pair of sneakers. On occasion, he'll also sport of fedora which is, predictably, black and made of leather.

Joshua also sports several accessories which include silver dog tag necklace, a bracelet, and a chain attatched to his jeans.


General Fighting Style: Joshua is a fighter he relies on his speed, reflexes, and wits in a fight. Since his death, he has focused on keeping his mind clear during battle, learning to react calmly to unexpected or disadvantageous situations, even if he loses his cool. This goes doubly so against characters with long range combat styles, since that is the range he hates the most.

When fighting more powerful opponents, Joshua will test the waters first, see if he has any sort of chance of winning before deciding whether to fight or flee from the encounter. Against opponents that are his level of strength, Joshua will definitely give it his all to win the fight, but he'll still recognize if things are going against him and flee to either escape the confrontation altogether or just simply gather himself and analyze the situation to try and find a way to turn it around. For opponents weaker then him, Joshua would rather end the fight as quickly as possible then drag things out. If the opponent is intelligent, he's more then willing to let them live and go on their way when the fight is over, unless they force his hand. Against less intelligent opponents, like lesser hollows, Joshua doesn't hesitate to simply kill them, seeing no point in giving them any more mind then that.

Regardless of the opponents strength or race, Joshua tries to approach them all with respect. This does not apply to mindless hollows naturally, as no matter what he does, they're just going to keep on trying to kill him.

Strengths: Speed and reflexes
Weaknesses: Kido and Strength

Ability Name: Houden (Discharge)
Ability Description: Joshua released his lightning-attribute reiryoku, causing it to shock those close to him. Though it doesn't do any damage to those stronger then him, those who are equal to him receive a shock that might stop them for a second and those weaker then him receive a stronger shock that will stop them in their tracks. Three post cooldown in combat.


Sealed Appearance: Joshua's zanpaktou takes the form of a rather plain wakizashi in it's sealed state. The blade is 30.5 cm/12 inches long with no special features. The guard is a circle made of a gold looking material, decorated with a lightning bolt pattern. The hilt is made of the same golden material and wrapped in black cloth.

As a spirit, Kaminari takes the form of a young man dressed in furs with silver hair and electric blue eyes. Joshua describes him as rather quiet and serious, with a dry sense of humor. Kaminari cares of his wielder like all of Zanpakuto spirits and helps Joshua keep his cool in battle by constantly whispering words of advice to his master.

Zanpakutou Name: Kaminari (lightning bolt.)
Call Out Command: Strike


Appearance: When released, Joshua's zanpakuto grows to a katana with a blade measuring 60.6cm/23.9 inches in length. The blade is now completely black and the hilt is now wrapped in alternating black and dark red cloth with a bit of gold decoration closer to the guard. At the end of the hilt with a tassel consisting of a gold decoration with a red gem holding a black material that ends in dark red.


Issen: Joshua points Kaminari at his opponent and fires a bolt of lightning at them, effective from mid to long rage. The attack deals Cero level damage and has a one post cooldown.

Inaduma: Joshua swings Kaminari and fires a ball of electricity at his foe, which expands on contact with the target or any surface, effective at close to mid range. This technique deals cero level damage and has a one post cool down.

Rakurai: Joshua raises Kaminari into the air, firing a bolt of lightning into the sky. After a few seconds, the bolt comes falling back down on top of the opponent, striking them from above with incredible speed. This technique takes an entire post before the blow is dealt, deals Gran Rey Cero damage, and has a three post cool down.

Kaminarihikari - Joshua's deadliest technique though is probably his riskiest and the one with the closest range. While his shikai is sheathed, electricity begins running through the blade, causing it to vibrate at high frequencies. Once Joshua is in range, he can draw the blade at speeds matching shunpo levels. Due to the blade still vibrating when drawn, it's cutting power is increased drastically, allowing Joshua to slice through most defenses with this technique. The drawbacks are that Joshua must stay within his blades reach to strike his opponent, meaning if they are too close or too far away, it will never hit them. Also, he cannot access his other abilities since they require his blade to direct them. Joshua needs at least a post to prepare this technique and it deals Cero Oscara levels of damage and has a 4 post cooldown

Boosts: Speed and Reiryoku/Reiatsu.


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name? Ex: Tensa Zangetsu, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, etc.]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


Appearance: Joshua's mask resembles the face of a wolf. The mask is, as to be expected, white in color, with the thicker lines being black in color and the thinner lines being a dark shade of red. Due to it's appearance, some of Joshua's lower face is exposed while he is wearing the mask.

Abilities: Joshua's mask gives Joshua enhanced hearing while it is donned, allowing him to recognize attacks aimed at him as they move through the air or hear his opponents from a distance. A down side to this is that sound based attacks are more effective on him, especially those that rely on sheer volume or a high pitch, effectively deafening him for several minutes or causing permanent ear damage.

Hollow Powers: Joshua has not unlocked any hollow abilities yet, though not for lack of trying.
Boosts: Speed and Reiryoku/Reiatsu


Appearance: Joshua's full hollow form resembles that of a lycanthrope or werewolf. His body becomes covered in thin, flexible white plating with silver fur covering from his wrist to his elbows and his heels to his knees. His head becomes that of a wolf, complete with fangs that he can use in combat. His feet and hands are still human-like but end in claws that are this form's primary weaponry. The form is complete with a tail covered in shirt, silver fur.

Abilities: On top of his increased hearing his mask grants him, this form grants Joshua an increased sense of smell as well as excellent vision in dark, but not pitch black, lighting. Due to his lightning attribute reiatsu, Joshua can channel it through his claws and fangs, causing them to vibrate rapidly, increasing their cutting power, allowing him to cut through most normal materials with ease and bypass defensive abilities such as Hierro and Blut with a bit less effort.

Boosts: Speed and Reiatsu/Reiryoku


History: Joshua was born and raised in Japan as the only child to human parents. His mother was a stay-at-home mom while his father had to travel often for his job, though he made sure to spend time with his family whenever he wasn't traveling all over Japan. With no siblings, Joshua got to get all of his mother's attention as well as his father's when he was home. Due to this, Joshua left loved, safe, and secure in his younger years.

This ended when he was the age of 8 though. While driving home from vacation, a sudden storm kicked up, causing torrential amounts of rain to fall, making it almost impossible for his parents to see through their windshield. While they did consider stopping until the rain abated enough for them to continue safely, they didn't get to finish making that decision due to another car hydroplaning ahead of them and into their lane, causing the two vehicles to crash. Due to the high speed the other car was going at, the impact was bigger then it should've been in the weather and resulted in both of Joshua's parents losing their life.

With the loss of his parents, Joshua was forced to live with his mother's side of the family. Unlike his parents, his aunt and uncle didn't hold much love for him due to his 'mixed blood' and for the most part ignored his existence. At school, Joshua now had to deal with bullies who had always picked on him for being half-Japanese without the support of his parents whenever he returned home. This sudden shift in support, from all he could ask to none at all, caused Joshua to enter a downward spiral. He began getting in fights, turning bitter and pushing away the friends he had, and general acting out.

Due to his actions, Joshua soon gained the reputation of a delinquent and lost most of his friends, save for a few who still knew he had some good in him. One day during school when he was 14, Joshua met a boy named Jorichiro who was quick to pick a fight with Joshua. Joshua naturally met the challenge, confident in his ability to handle himself in a fight. Much to his surprise, he was bested in a matter of seconds and no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to land a blow on Jorichiro. After the fight, Joshua was met with another surprise when Jorichiro offered to take him to his family's dojo to practice martial arts. He had heard of Joshua's reputation and decided to check into it himself. Seeing a classmate who simply needed an outlet for the pain and aggression he felt, he knew letting Joshua learn martial arts would give him and outlet while also teaching him discipline and control.

Afterwards, Joshua began visiting the dojo everyday to train. While he did learn to control it a bit better, his temper never really vanished and he would still get into fights, but now it was only when he was truly pushed to the limits of his patience or when one of his friends was the target of some wrongdoing. As well as getting into fights less, he was also studying more, improving his grades tremendously from what they used to be. Once a month, he would challenge Jorichiro to a fight, but he never won even once.

By the time Joshua graduated from high school, he had improved from the bottom rungs to being among the top twenty-five of his class. He began attending college for a general studies degree, as he still didn't know what it was he wanted in life but figured that getting a degree in something was better then no degree at all. Even with the increased studies, he still visited the dojo, which he felt was more of a home then his actual house.

Joshua died at the age of twenty-one. While returning home from a night of drinking in celebration of his birthday, he came across one his old antagonist. The two picked up where they left off and Joshua, more then a little drunk at the time, was quick to pick a fight. Being in his intoxicated state, he was able to deal with pain better, but his coordination was off, making him more susceptible to getting hit. When his opponent pulled a knife, Joshua kept fighting despite the danger. But since he wasn't in top form, something his opponent took advantage of, Joshua kept getting cut by the blade. One cut was more dangerous then the others and due to this, Joshua ended up dying due to blood loss during the fight.

Since dying, Joshua has been moved on the Soul Society and joined the Court Guard Squads, more out of curiosity and a desire for a purpose since then. While he trains diligently and does his duties, he doesn't feel like he fits in with the squads and desires to be more of a free agent, working how he sees fit rather the letting procedure getting in the way all the time.

Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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