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Amaya Nanashi Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:37 pm

Amaya Nanashi 0a9133cfc84d86b6203aba5c045535d0


Name: Amaya Nanashi
Alias: Amy, Lavander
Real Age: 534
Phys. Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Amaya has always been considered to be a ordinary every day shinigami when it comes to personality.
Amaya may seem like any typical shinigami in personality on the surface but her reason for her typical looking personality runs deep under the surface.

Amaya can be happy for the most part with a small smile painted on her face. She tends to apologize a lot for things she never did to another. She finds her happiness in making sure others are happy whether it is helping those in her and other squads with errands, battle etc. She just finds trying to make herself happy is kind of a waste of time but seeing others happy, that makes up for the lack of caring about her own.

Amaya does have her sad moments, and these tend to be when she is alone. She is not one to show her sadness in public as she believed pity is for the weak and to waste it on her isn’t worth its weight in this life. She does take big hits when it comes to killing for two reasons. She hates the side of her that enjoys the thrill of killing whether it is Shinigami, Arrancar or any said race. It didn’t matter if she was the one who ended their existence or someone else. Life is life to end it is the end all the possibilities of that soul’s future. Her second reason is simple, could she have stopped it? Maybe not, but those doubts and regrets of saving or ending that life just brings back the deep wound under the history of her scar shoulder, the human past that haunts her even in her new life. Normally when she is in one of her sad episodes she doesn’t shed many tears more one for each life lost, she can sometimes be found just laying on her back with her hands laced together resting on her stomach with her eyes close, covered by her bangs. She will normally be zoned out and deep in her thoughts. When she does snap out of her sad episodes she does what any other shinigami does, go about her day with the memory buried deep in her mind.

When it comes to Amaya’s anger she tends to keep a leveled head for the most part, she is as flawed as the next shinigami and sometimes loses her temper or mind to the anger of just wanting to end the enemy. Sometimes she can be snapped out of the rage by those who know how to get her to snap back to reality. Her soft eyes become cold and bright with the intent of bloodshed. When it comes to landing a final blow she always asks the victim to forgive her for what she has to do, normally in a whisper as sometimes, there can be caught of a tear falling when she lands her final blow. After wards she will sometimes just stand there for a few seconds before she seems to snap back into her normal happy self.


Height: 5,3
Weight: 115 lbs
Physical Traits:
Amaya Nanashi 5317d635a03fb0ae32ac1da92a9b5783%201_zpsecgavzjy

Her skin is a very fair flawless beside the fact of the burn on the left side of her neck. The burn scar reaches from the top of her neck down to her shoulder blade on the left side. Her burn reached down her back to her left shoulder blade around and up to her collarbone on the left side. Her burn also reached down her left arm to the end of her elbow, as it is a bit darker then her fair flawless skin.

Her hair is gorgeous Light lavender purple. For some reason this color even after her death but when she was human, just her under layers were light lavender. Therefore, when she woke up in this new world her hair changed to complete lavender purple. Her hair reaches all the way down to her waist. Some days her hair seems to get curly and others her hair is perfectly, flat as a board, straight. Most of the time her hair is straight as can be, which is excellent for Amaya as it will be easier to style it in the style she wants it for that day or time.

Amaya has many different styles that she could wear but she mainly wear four styles. Two, of the four styles, corresponds with her happy mood, one with her sad. The last of her hairstyles she wears is when she is not in the best of moods. When she is happy, she normally wears one of two main hairstyles. One is a simple ponytail that is normally secured with a long white ribbon that she ties into a bow as the ends always reaches to her shoulders. Her hair itself is in a high ponytail as the ends reached about an inch or two above her waist from being up takes some of the length away. She usually has her bangs parted to the left hanging them diagonally as move of the time they will cover her left eye and the left side of her neck from the front, which helps with her scar. Her other style is a simple rope braid where it is in one braid all the way down where at the end she ties and secures it with her ribbon as this hairstyles allows her hair to stay to her waist line. Her bangs are a big part of pulling off this style. She always parts them down the middle before pulling them behind her ears. She would then take some pins and pin the hair behind her ears to keep them out of her face. When Amaya is Angry or in a killing mood, she will pull her hair into an elegant messy bun at the top of her head as she included her bangs into the bun. By doing this, She did not have to worry about any hair getting into her face. When she is sad and depressed or whatever she will have it just plain down, she will have it brushed and everything she will not use her ribbon, which she will then tied her ribbon around her neck, just in case she would need it for a fight or mood change when and if, she remembers to. Her bangs were this style would be like her ponytail bang style to where the bangs will cover her left eye.

Amaya’s eyes range is shades from a deep trench ocean blue to an icy murderous blue. The Shade depends on her mood much like her hairstyle. For Amaya it is very rare to get her ticked off but it is somewhat easy to get her depressed. When she is happy, her eyes are two clear pools of sky blue water. If one were to look into their depths, they would easily get lost. Her eyes when she is happy just shine and brighten her looks and add to her bright personality. When it is time to battle or when the opportunity to allow her anger to run free. Her eyes lighten their shade to an Icy blue color; Her iris also will change to a bit darker color then that color around it. Her eyes in this mood tend to have a snake like feel to how they seem to watch their opponents’ every move. When she is sad, they changed to a deep trench ocean blue color. When they turn this color, it shows she saddens and her mood will show massively in this mood.

Amaya’s clothing isn’t much different then the normal usual uniform other then the fact that she cut into her shoulder material letting the skin be seen for many reasons. One reason is the fact of it allows her body to breathe, so she does not sweat so much when she is in battle or when she is not. Along with the slight change to her uniform, she fitted the torso more to her shape to help show her skinniness and for the fact that extra baggy material seems to get in her way sometimes so she made sure to slime down the sleeves as well some. Otherwise, her Uniform is the same in everything else.


General Fighting Style: Amaya has a in and out type of style to more first engage her opponent onf strength, agility, etc. she tends to do various strikes from various directions at first before keeping normally out of range while fomulating a plan of victory.
Strengths: Kidō, Zanjutsu, Reiryoku agility, Hohō
Weaknesses: Strength,

Ability Name: Frost's Embrace

Ability Description: Amaya's Reaistu tends to freeze the water particals in the air around her making the ice of which she is able to control through her reaistu for both defensive and offensive.

Ability Name: Yuki's Mercy

Ability Description:this is more of a passive healing technique in the sense that her reaistu formed ice will move themselves to a injuried ally or herself forming around any said deep wounds, healing the wound while making a small patch of armor over it


Sealed Appearance: Amaya Nanashi 51WM6TPQc7L
Zanpakutou Name: Reitō otome Yuki
Call Out Command: Come forth from the frozen underworld and make this plain your domain, Reitō otome Yuki

Appearance:When Amaya released her shinkai her blade will glow and grow in length reaching to her height. It is black in color with a seam down the middle with a purple clothed handle with a chain that is found wrapped around her wrist. The seam will open revealing a large purple fan with blue wave like markings that seemed to move in the light to the naked eye.

Ice Wall: this defense is what the name is called. By allow her reiastu to be focused through her fan by a sweeping motion upward a barrier of ice will be formed to block whatever attack she needed to.
Damage absorb: It absorbs up to Gran Rey damage before it will break taking 1 post to cooldown

Yuki’s Breath: if Amaya gets into the air she will hold her fan behind her before swing in a side sweeping motion sending a tornado mixed with her ice  in the direction the swing ended. The strength of the tornado increased with the amount of Reiatsu she stores in her fan
Damage: It does Gran Rey Cero Damage

Yuki’s claws:With every swing of her fan she will produce a 10 by 5 long ice icicle  and send it at the enemy. by attaching her reitsu with it she can use the pieces to reform and reuse the same one along with a new one with ever swing.
Damage: Cero Damage for attack hit


New Name: Shinju Yuki
Appearance: Amaya's Outfit:((instead of shadows of blue it would have shades of purple) Amaya Nanashi Outfit_design___204____closed_by_lotuslumino-d8rdrzf_zpszxkwoyum
When Amaya releases her bankai there is a burst of ice freezing the immediate area around her and her opponent as her weapon will transform into a ice covered bowstaff her height. Some purple ribbons of various shades are tied in the middle.


Shinju’s wraith:
This ability is move of a constant active with Amaya’s Bankai that kind of has two parts;
Part 1: Amaya’s bow staff has the passive ability that with every swing a wave of ice will form on the ground under it
Part 2: Upon getting it with the bow staff in any way that limb or part will be frozen/paralyzed for a post or two having a post cooldown in-between.

Ice Barrage:
By smacking down a end of her bow staff a wave of ice spikes will rage towards her opponent trying to impale her opponent. She can use this attack on any and every surface that is covered in her ice.
Damage: Bala Amount of Damage with a post cool down

Shinju’s Prison:
Amaya will smack the ground several times with her staff allowing several panels of ice will form up from the ice. By using these panels Amaya can use Ice Barrage to send spikes on the various panels
Cool down:  two posts

Shinju’s shield: This is more of a denfesive technique that by spinning her bowstaff infront of her as quick speeds the ice from amaya’s reaistu will form a sort of shield blocking whatever attack that is sent against it
Absorbs: Gran Rey Cero damage with a post cooldown of 3 posts

Shinju’s Armory: This in a way is Amaya’s considered ultimate move where Amaya will tap her weapon into the ground three times before letting it go allow it to phase into the Ice causing several ripples before about 50 copies of the bowstaff shot up from the ground. The ice on the field would become even harder to stand on but easy to stand for Amaya. She would then be able to race at her opponent taking one of the various bowstaffs each come around sending a valley of strikes with each one moving faster and faster with the movement as with the last bowstaff she will jump above her opponent before coming down slamming a end of her bowstaff a foot from her opponent putting what reaistu and energy she can muster at this point into a final huge barriage that fanned out with the spikes becoming near boulder size in height and width.

10 copies equal up to Cero Damage
30 copies equal up to Bala Damage
40 copies equal up to Gran Rey Damage
all 50 copies equal up to Cero Oscuras Damage

This is considered her 'all or nothing move'


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: Amaya use to be a normal girl when she was human, beside the fact of having a millionaire father that was never home and a mother that was too drunk to give a care. Amaya had five older brothers and one younger sister. She never had the 'perfect family'. Her brothers were proud business owners that she never got to see. She had to partially raise her sister all by herself, but with the help of a nanny.

Amaya then lost her sister at the age of 7 to a strange death of her going missing for about a day. Amaya had went searching for her worried finding her on the ground in an alley near their home. Amaya's younger sister was burnt by acid on the side of neck, her right shoulder down to her wrist of her right arm. Burns could also be found on her back around the right shoulder blade. No one knew who murder her or how the acid burns were the cause of her death.

Amaya was really hurt by the loss of her sister as one time she didn’t come out of her room for a week. It took her six brothers to pick her up and bring her out of her room to attempt to get her to eat and come back to reality. She was never the same after the death of her sister. She went ten years through school, but she went from straight A honor student to an innocent girl among the rebel bad boys of the school. Most of them has pasts of no parents paying attention to them and such.
She had fun, hanging with them staying out till basically 5 in the morning. Her brothers were of course the ones who worried about her and had attempted several times to get her to snap out of this phase she was currently in. She wasn’t impressed by their efforts and many times just hid out among her friend's home. Not wanting to see any of her family even with the cities 'law enforcement' looking for her upon her brother's request.

Upon the running and hiding, horrible nightmares of her sister's death began to haunt her dreams. Most were of Amaya running to the alley hearing her sister's scream of horror. Amaya would reach the Alley to find a monster like creature, her heart felt like it stopped in pure terror of what the monster looked like. it kind of resembled a frog but also a snake together. There was a mask and a horrible roar. She just stood there in her dream in pure terror seeing her sister die by a swipe into a wall with some sort of green liquid. each moment Amaya just screamed wanting to run to her sister, but something always stops her. in every dream she looks down to see black ooze that keeps sucking her in. when the world around goes black. She awakes in sweat and with screams and tears.

Strange things began to happen right after the nightmares started she started seeing spirits of missing children and other people that had died but never passed on. She tried avoiding them since she thought she was going crazy but every time she saw a spirit, the monster from her dream would pop in her head. Amaya managed to avoid her family, the local law enforcement and the alley where her sister was killed. That was till the day of her death, she had no other choice but to go down the alley when she couldn’t get passed a few of her brothers that had found a route she usually traveled. She ran into the beast himself, the very monster that haunted her dreams. It was real so all she dreams was real, only instead of seeing her sister killed, she was in the spot light. Quickly she was killed as when her brothers found her, she had the same acid burns on her skin only around her right shoulder and neck and arm. The last thing she remember seeing before everything went black was her sister's smiling face laughing happily.

Life as a Spirit:

Amaya woke up on one of the worse districts in the spirit world where getting attacked is common. when she first walked around she had noticed people where staring at her. She didn’t notice that the thing they were staring at was the fact that she had lavender purple hair in a high ponytail, she found this by seeing her reflection in a puddle of water after getting pushed by some kids rushing past her. She also did not notice the burn like scar the covered the right side of her neck going along her right shoulder and down her arm, similar to her past.

She soon found herself stealing food with a local gang of teens around her age that were a lot like her. She was always the type where she wouldn’t steal, but this time was different, she had nothing to her name at all beside the clothing on her back. The small gang she became part of called her lavender or purple, as a nickname due to her hair color. She didn’t mind, at least she wasn’t alone and that she wasn’t the only one having a hard time. Normally she slept in an alley hidden in a pile of boxes, sometimes she slept in her friend's hideouts, but she more feels that it is not best to get attached to anyone.

She soon was taken in by an elderly couple who found her sleeping in an alley. She at first didn’t trust them but the smell of food and a warm bed made her decide to just trust them. So, she did, and it was a great option that she choose. The couple that found her was from one of the wealthier families of noble ranking, so she went from street trash to a nobleman’s adopted daughter.

The journey of being a shinigami:

Amaya had a great life as a nobleman's adopted daughter, she gained private tutors while she was sent to the academy, making her fly from the bottom of her class to the top. She didn’t have a hard time getting her zanpuckto or learning its name. Yes, getting to learn its name was hard and took a lot of effort to finally hear it Reitō otome Yuki Amaya was excited and happy that she did something all her own without anyone’s help.

At the academy, she had made a few friends but also enemies. Some of her enemies mad at her thinking that her family’s influence gave her the grades and everything she had, coming her seemingly better then most of them that worked hard to get into the academy and where they were. A few of the enemies were three of her old friends that were angry at her for the fact that she left them behind, didn’t even think of looking back or keeping touch. They spread the truth about her past how she got to where she was, just making some enemies even more angry with her.

One day at the academy she received a letter from an unknown writer on a pile of her books. She went to the location only to find herself in an ambush. She found three of her old friend, that became enemies and three just plain enemies, fully making six enemies. She knew that there was no fighting on school ground, but in the case of protecting herself, she had to break those rules. Sure, she had gotten cut and bruised but she did manage to take on the six ambushers defeating them having to use her newly discovered shinkai right in the battle. She was so drained of energy she fell as everything went black she last remembers falling into someone's arms.

She then woke up in the infirmary seeing some of the teachers checking to see if she was alright and found a captain had checked in as when she was awaking he left the room. She listened to the headmaster angrily discuss about school rules. She had watched the teachers bicker in front of her about what disciplinary action they were to take. Luckily none was taken on her part since they found it to be self-defense. which was true.

Graduating felt so great. Getting out of that hostile environment into one where she could really shine and be who she wanted. She was accepted into the 7th Division and Slowly climbed  the ranks up to captain where she sits to this day.

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