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Berowalt [Fin] Emptyon Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:59 am

Berowalt [Fin] 98CcQJn


Name: Berowalt
Alias: B.
Real Age: 2,000
Phys. Age: 36
Gender: Male

Positive Traits:

Enigmatic: What many would consider the allure of Berowalt is actually one of his best personal trait. He likes to play towards the mysterious persona that people make up about him. If he over hears his students making a rumor about him, he'll simply entertain them for a time making it seem like they had been onto something. Often leading them on a wild goose chase, or perhaps showing them a side of him they had been inquisitive about. Perhaps because of this he often see's interactions with other beings to be a bit of a game on how confusing he can be.

Calm: A virtue and a blessing, Berowalt was born with the patience of a saint. It is hard to make this man mad or excited, in fact most would say that it's nearly impossible. People have also tried to make the man blush, or become uncomfortable in some situations, only to have it reversed on them by his own flirtatious tongue. But that isn't to say that the man is completely calm, there is a point in which Berowalt himself considers crossing the line, and when someone does finally cross that line, he becomes a completely different person in front of them.

Intelligent: Age comes with many things, and intelligence is one that actually increase over time. Being as old as he is, Berowalt has lived through many of the worlds greatest strife and struggles. Overcoming each and every one of them. He has used this knowledge to prosper his own life, using the natural order of events that the population has displayed, Berowalt figured out a natural rhythm that society seemed to follow. Taking this knowledge he took a interesting turn into teaching. It was a field that was always needed, and being as he was nearly immortal he was able to watch many students with different ideas prosper or fall under his guidance. Often using them as Guinea pigs for the next generation.

Businessman: A rather interesting trait he considers to be a positive, is his businessman attitude. Everything has to have a profit for him to participate in, whether the gain is through currency, or perhaps gaining a new friend later down the road. Or gaining the favor of another person so that he has the upper hand later on when requesting a favor of his own. This often leads to Berowalt negotiating with people, and haggling prices to better suit his taste. Perhaps he should of taken an interest in politics when he had the chance back in the early years, but it was better to make those politics owe him a favor for... Helping so to speak.

Negative Traits:

Strict: When it comes down too it however, as charming and enigmatic as Berowalt is. His students will often tell you, that following the rules set by the man comes first and foremost. If you didn't follow what he said, there was always a punishment, and slacking off never came to a students mind. After all, if they did, most could only dream of what horrors awaited them from their teacher. Same with the other teachers and staff that work with him, everyone knows that Berowalt is a terror when it comes up with punishment plans. Often leading to some students even wanting to give up completely.

Unruly: Ahh yes, remember the mentioned calmness that Berowalt has? Well if someone was to shred through that façade and get too the true nature of the man, they'll notice that he doesn't put up with anyones bullshit. He becomes a rather feisty, and quick tempered man too those he doesn't appreciate. Even going so far as one year, with a fellow staff member, he sent the man to the hospital cause of the harassment the man had been performing on the female students. There are lines that no one can cross, especially with the experiments that Berowalt is trying to conduct.

Faker: Ahh yes, Berowalt is good at faking everything. Whether it be kindness, surprise, or even love the man knows how to play each role rather well. He can easily put on a show that would make people believe that he was a saint if he wanted, or he could play to their fears. Often getting him the nickname devil, perhaps it was fitting in a way. As no one has ever truly seen the real side of Berowalt, as his life is a constant play, so that he doesn't grow bored of his surroundings, he had seen what happened to other bounts that had grown bored.

Liar: Berowalt has one major flaw, he can't seem to tell the truth to anyone. At one point however, there had been someone he trusted, revealing just who exactly he had been. But that.... being had perished along with an entire settlement. Well perhaps perish isn't the right word, they still hung around... They simply had become a part of Berowalt, but ever since that time. The man hasn't even given the thought of entertaining anyone with who he truly is. He'll come up with stories that never happened to create a background for himself, and to dodge the question of others.


Work Outfit:
Berowalt [Fin] When_master_was_a_teacher_by_aenaluck-d983gdp

Casual Outfit:
Berowalt [Fin] Master_in_dress_suit_by_aenaluck-db6lr69

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 250lbs
Physical Traits:

Berowalt is a man of many things. He has a certain Enigmatic aura about him that seems to draw in prying eyes. The man has always been one to keep himself physical fit. Ever since he was brought into this world by his creator. He has shown some signs of aging though, as he has refused to absorb the souls of humans in the living world. Berowalt sports salt and pepper hair that tends to appear more grey however. The hairs length sits to about shoulder length, and to add to his rugged charm, Berowalt keeps a rather neatly trimmed beard. Berowalt's eyes are also something that capture peoples attention. As they're a sharp silver coloring.

Berowalt can be seen wearing two different attires however. When he is at work he wears a regular teacher outfit. Sporting a white button up t-shirt, some nice black khakis, and some dark oak rimmed glasses that sit snuggly on his face. On his wrist is a small family heirloom that he had stolen back when he pretended to be a relative of a long forgotten clock smith. The other outfit that Berowalt is seen in is a gentleman tuxedo. It is a sterling grey color, with a pitch black tie around his neck. A small black vest and a white button up shirt underneath.

Berowalt is an average sized man, standing right around six foot two, and has little to no wrinkles on his body. His skin is a nice olive color from spending most of his time outdoors. If people manage to get Berowalt to invite them back to his home, he often walks around in a small white sleeveless shirt, and some jeans. Down to the core the man seems like a gentleman with his hair always being kept well groomed. It's almost as if someone had walked back into the eighteen hundreds with him.


General Fighting Style:  Being around for as long as Berowalt has, he has seen the advancement and changes in the worlds martial arts. Everything changes with time, certain techniques either improve, or they fall short. Being as he had nothing better to do when he was younger, Berowalt had taken interest in this ancient practices even going so far as to look into them himself. And he found that he was intrigued by a rather interesting character. The man had studied various different martial arts and placed them into one. The title given to this creation? Well it was referred to as Krav Maga. A type of street based fighting, that took a bit of everything from more famous martial arts. Causing it to be a well used form for massive armies.

It was taught as a killing style, and often revered as a dirty martial arts as it had no honor in it. Incorporating dirty tactics as nut shotting amongst others. Krav Maga is the style of fighting that Berowalt choose to make his own. It places emphasis on survival and quick planning. Two things that Berowalt had grown to improve in his ridiculously long life, after all there was still more in this world he wanted to learn.

Krav Maga is also referred to as a rather defensive style of fighting, as it often made it where an opponent would have their own power and speed reversed upon them. Using the actions of the more peaceful style of Jiu jitsu, the Krav Maga is often referred to as the killing counter, as all of its moves are based upon killing the aggressor. Something that Berawolt found necessary.

Strengths: Hakuda, Strength, Agility, Stamina.
Weaknesses: Reiryoku Control, Zanjutsu, Spiritual Energy (Reiryoku), Spiritual Power (Reiatsu)
Boosts: Bounts passively have 2x boost.

Ability Name: Intoxicating Punch
Ability Description: This is a rather simple punch that Berawolt can perform that'll cause someone to lose limited motor controls. Making the person almost in a drunk like state, how this happens if by infusing the mans own energy into a small swirling circle, and then injected into the opponent by a successful connection through a punch.

Duration: 1 post

Ability Name: Mend
Ability Description: Berowalt has a simple healing technique that allows him to treat wounds on people. Depending on the severity of the wound, the longer it takes to heal. He must maintain constant contact, or it will fail.

Scratches: 1 post.
Gashes/ Breaks: 3 post
Severe Wounds: 6 post.
Lost Limbs/Organs: Impossible, you're gonna die motherfucker


Doll Name: Faust
Doll Appearance: Berowalts doll has a rather simple appearance actually, it is the wristwatch that he wears. When the doll is released it becomes a simple pair of brass knuckles that sit firmly in his hands. Not much else can be said about it though, as he has never really put the effort into feeding the little shit any souls.

Sealed Form:
Berowalt [Fin] X7KIuAM

Berowalt [Fin] PK-2444A

Doll Ability Name: Numbing
Ability Description: This isn't an effect that happens to the opponents, no this makes the user or in this case Berowalts fist numb, he can't feel how hard he is punching something, which does come with its own drawbacks, like when and if he breaks his hand from punching something he doesn't notice it. Which can become potentially dangerous.

Doll Ability Name: Hallucinogenic Punch
Ability Description: This is similar to the aforementioned intoxicating punch, it is a combination of both the intoxicating and the energy from Faust itself. It causes the affected individual to begin seeing things that aren't there, or seeing objects move in ways that they're not suppose too.

Duration: 2 post

Doll Ability Name: Ward
Doll Ability Description: Taking immense concentration, considering how little Berowalt actually relies on his doll's abilities, the man is able to create a small energy shield in front of him. That can block lower powered attacks from a range. Though it can easily break if his concentration is broken. Can block Ceros.

1 post Cooldown.

Doll Ability Name: Curtain Call
Doll Ability Description: Curtain call is a rather interesting ability that Berowalt and the doll had come up with. Fusing their two energies together, the duo smash the brass knuckle and palm together creating a brilliant white flash. That has the potential to blind an unprepared victim. Though it is only in a short cone in front of them. It'd be similar to getting a flashbang thrown into a persons face.

Sight Hinderance: 1 post.

Doll Ability Name: Blitzschnell
Doll Ability Description: Taking a page from the Shinigami and the espada this is a technique used by Berowalt that is similar to shunpo and the laters sonido. A fairly basic ability for someone that is quick on his feet like Berowalt is.

Boosts: Bounts get a 3x boost in this form.


Berowalt [Fin] Lion_armor_claw_gauntlets_by_azmal

Fused Appearance: The appearance is rather simple actually, Berowalts hands actually become consumed by the doll, forming into a black armor gauntlet, causing the mans flesh to peel away temporarily, to be replaced by a dark black metal as a skeletal structure, and a red amber glow showing the flow of energy between the two of them.

Fused Ability Name:Inverted Punch
Fused Ability Description: The final form of both the hallucinogenic punch, and the intoxicating punch. This technique is a perfect fusion of both the dolls energy, and Berowalts energy that causes a small neuro toxin effect inside an enemy. It causes the opponents motor functions to invert, what would be forward would be backwards, right would be left, etc etc.

Duration: 4 posts

Fused Ability Name: Emotional Drift
Fused Ability Description: While fused with his doll however, all virtues that Berowalt held onto is cut off, meaning that those he originally cared for if any, where nothing more than a pile of dirt too him now. This allows him to fight without holding back at all, regardless of whom is used against him.

Fused Ability Name: Bullet Punch
Fused Ability Description: A rather unique attack, it allows Berowalt to finally combat against his ranged targets, with a punch that is so quick, that it causes a distortion in the air, when thrown the speed in which it was thrown, causes the air in front of him to bubble, and eventually fire off like a small shockwave. Causing a small explosion upon reaching the opponent. It doesn't really hurt but it does cause a very large discomfort, and if fired at a close range, it'll definitely display some damage done. [Basically a Bala in speed and damage.]

4 times per post.

Fused Ability Name: Falsches Bild
Fused Ability Description: Falsches Bild or false image, is and advanced technique playing off of Blitzschnell in which the user moves at a pace so quick to avoid an attack, that it leaves an afterimage that appears to actually have taken damage from an opponents attack.

4 post Cooldown, Can be used twice in a fight.

Boosts: Bounts have a 4x boost in this form.

Background Details

History: -Optional and you said don't do it.-
Side Notes: Nada
Roleplay Sample: Reaching up and pinching the bridge of his nose, Berowalt could only sigh. The school had decided to do a surprise teacher of the month party... And whom did they all decide to bother with such a task? Well it was none other than Berowalt himself. He was suppose to plan a big part for some Ms.Aikawara. The rest of the academic staff went out to buy gifts and possibly drink as they wanted to unwind before the big event. Without even asking Berowalt what the man would like to do, sure often than not he turned down their advances.

For reasons unknown setting up a party like this was annoying for the older man, he never hung out with the rest of the staff, and he did little to get to know them besides for being coworkers. Moving his hands up he simply removed his glasses before placing them on the desk in front of him, he had been oblivious to his surroundings which had caused for the next incident to arise. He had walked back to his classroom, without even thinking about the time of day it had been, this was generally the time the drama club had decided to practice.

When he walked in, the Drama club teacher Messenia had been getting into her own costume, which had lead to a rather... obnoxious encounter of the woman screaming, and Berowalt having to cover her mouth rather quickly. A rather comic scene that you'd normally only see within a t.v. show or what not. And yet that same predicament had happened only moments ago. "Look... Ms. Messenia I didn't mean to walk in on you like I did. I had my head in the clouds, I hope you understand that. I had forgotten that you guys where in the classroom."

He was trying to plead his case to the agitated woman but she wasn't listening at all to him. "Now, Mr. Berowalt I understand that school life is stressful for both teachers and students. But because of your reckless actions you could of easily walked in on a student getting changed. If that was the case there would be charges pressed currently..... blah blah blah." Towards the end of her speech all Berowalt could hear was noises coming from her mouth. Dear gods did this woman ever even stop to consider that she was indeed borrowing his classroom?

Also it was customary to lock the door when you started to change, it was something that everyone knew. "Fine fine, I'll keep that in mind, however I hope you know that as a teacher yourself, you should know better than anyone, that you're suppose to lock the door as your getting changed. The situation could easily be reversed and a male student could of walked in." He said using the woman's own argument against her. She suddenly went quiet, and turning beat red at the thought. She couldn't really argue with fact and reasoning, though that may not stop her in this situation.

Thinking about it for a moment longer he looked at Ms. Messenia "If it'd make you feel better, I'll let you walk in on me at some point, to be fair about the situation alright? So next time I escort people out because I'm changing to participate in your plays, I'll secretly leave the door unlocked for such a situation." The woman seemed to be flabbergasted at the thought, he mouth hanging open and suddenly a loud pang could be heard throughout the room as she slapped Berowalt. It stung a little, not physically but to his pride.

However, Messenia was beat red at just the thought and offer the man was making. "I'll remind you we are both grown adults here. Offering your body as a trade isn't approvable...." She started to go quiet as Berowalt stood up, the man was a towering figure indeed, being as he kept himself in what he'd refer to as decent shape. "Well now Ms. Messenia you just slapped someone that owns this school. I think it's time for you to leave, and rethink about your actions just now." His eyes seemed to send shivers down her spine, as his gaze was piercing directly into her soul.

Messenia hurriedly gathered her stuff and walked towards where the kids had been waiting to start the play. "Ugh... Today can't get any worse." Berowalt sighed sitting back into his desk... This school probably needed some new staff members sometime soon. And he had the perfect person in mind to be replaced first... No not Messenia she had the right, but the damned principle that decided to lay this damn party idea into Berowalt's lap... He would make that little bald penguin bastard pay for the inconvenient of today, one way or another.

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