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Colbolt Nanashi Emptyon Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:13 am

Colbolt Nanashi Untitled_zpsxcln3x1w

Name: Colbolt Nagito / Anna Nagito
Other names she is known by The Split Arrancar, Colbolt, Annamaria or Anna
Apparent Age:About early twneties around 20-22 years of age
True Age: 1500 year old
Sex: Female
Personality: Colbolt is a two sided coin when it comes to personality. One side is shy and prefers to never be noticed, whether letting others take the spotlight being content just being able to help other achieve a set goal. The other side of her whoever…Love the sight of red and scream of pain and to see the light in her opponent's eyes fade. The thrill of the slaughter and the hunt…it was the air she breathed and the dream she dreams of every night.

When it comes to battle, The Shy wallflower Colbolt seems to completely disappear , as if  dropping the act to reveal the bloodthirsty hunter content on achieving their goal as quickly as possible so they can truly enjoy a long hunt with no interruptions. When watching the battle field She stand's content as her eyes will observation the site with critical observation of set points or patches she needs to remember or take to achieve a goal or to observe where she can have the most fun.

In battle, she rarely is seen speaking or waiting for her opponent's guard to be down with idle talk of how strong she is compared to her opponent or vice versa. For her she lives by the logic to let her blade do the talking. She might give in to talking and toying with her opponent if she knew she was going to have awhile to 'play' before moving on to an objective or a new opponent that might not bore her..

When Colbolt is out of battle. She "puts back on' the mask per say. When her bloodthirsty side is satisfied or when battle is over, she nearly immediately changes back to her shy self the tends to over worry and apologizes when she really doesn't need to. This side of her personality absolutely love to help in whatever way she can but while being helpful, she tends to be clumsy and trips over herself trying to over correct whatever she was trying to do. This Side of her is very sweet one you actually get her to not be so shy.

Now when she is alone, the she mask she keeps up will come down revealing an unsettled, lonely Colbolt that will often say she isn't whole and trying to become whole again is one thing she deserves to achieve a lot along with the simple wanting to forget the past of those she lost and the one she herself had lost when she was 'killed'. When one manages to get into her hard shell and allow this side out, she isn't as strong as she seems around others and does show the true loneliness she keeps bottled up inside her. but it is hard to see this side as she is not the type to let anyone in and will try to keep it hidden.


Colbolt Nanashi Sword_girls2
Height: 5,2"
Weight: 110
Physical Traits: Colbolt has gorgeous Rose blush blonde hair reaching down to her waist and has movement of a gentle moving stream. No matter how much she tries to mess it up or style it, it never gets messy or tangled and always holds a soft elegant flow of shine. Her usual hair style is just the usual down and goes with her hair parted above her right eye. Sometimes her bangs are tucked behind her left ear, out of the way of her eyes and sometimes she allows her bangs to completely cover her left eye.

Her eyes are much like her hair only they are more of a baby purple like what one would find in a newborn's nursery. Her eyes are big and gorgeous like two pastel purple pools of life though if one stares into their depth long enough they can find that the bright brilliant sparkle is a mask, hiding the pain, sorrow and secrets of the past she works so hard to hide. When she is in battle her eyes hold no sign of the Shy Wallflower

Her skin has never been the sun kiss brown but more of a porcelain with no visible flaws besides the large burn that starts under her chin, covering the right side of her neck, down to her right shoulder reaching from her collarbone to the bottom of her shoulder blade. It expenses all the way down covering her whole right arm and hand.

Colbolt body type is considered an 'A' type with definite curves. Her hips are the largest part of her body as her shoulders are narrow with her hips being a bit wider, making them the widest part of her body. At first glance, Colbolt looks to have a very frail and fragile body that didn't have fat on her body.


General Fighting Style: Colbolt's style is more close quarters but still being able to get back or close a gap if needed
Strengths:Sonido, Pesquisa, reistu

Weaknesses:Hierro, Strength

Boosts:x2 speed

Ability Name: Nature's Guardian

Ability Description:
Colbolt has a unique relationship with the earth to be given this ability. This ability allows Colbolt's own reiryoku to physically be manifested into a field of flowers 10 meters wide the grow and die as she moves keeping the range on all sides the flowers are of various colors and grow from her released spiritual pressure (this is more of her passive)

Sealed Appearance: In her appereance picture
Zanpakuto Name:

Zanpakuto Call Out: Erupt

Cero:  Cero, Bala, Gran Rey,Cero Cornea.

Appearance:Colbolt Nanashi 1422155469873

Ability name: Colbolt’s flytrap
Ability description:  Colbolt summons a large, green, flytrap from the ground, roughly the size of a human, consisting of four massive "petals", with a row of rounded teeth on their inner sides and massive spikes on their outer ones. This proceeds to attack the target by closing its petals on them and sending them flying away with brute force of a cero need a post cooldown

Ability name:  Spore bomb
Ability description:  Colbolt summons 20 large spores from the flowers enveloping them and directs them towards the target with remarkable speed. Once the spores make contact with the target, they explode Dealing Cero damage per bomb needs a three-cooldown post.

Ability name: Flytrap Shot
Ability description:  Colbolt summons numerous Flytraps that appear from the ground and shoot seeds that will illuminate with white light, at the intended target. The seeds explode upon contact dealing bala damage per seed needs a post cool down

Ability name: Man eater
Ability description:  Colbolt use's her nature's arms to have her vines attack at her opponent while she allow's Flytrap to open or she will summon a a large, purple flytrap from the ground with sharp teeth surrounding its inside. The flytrap then proceeds to close, penetrating and beginning drain reaistu and physical energy from the plant's sharp teeth and saliva to devour the target if consumed. takes three posts to cool down if destroyed, five if target is consumed.

Ability Name:
Nature's arms

Ability Description:

This technique allows Colbolt to grow, up to 16 vines, at one time. The Vines can be used for both defensive and offensive.  The amount of vines she has currently at her use determines the strength of attacks that she can block according to the chart belong along with the cooldown depending on the amount.. These vines will produce dozens of white flowers on their stems and wrap around a small 3 foot area that can expand to a max of 6 feet more reiastu she feeds to the plants. These vines will form a wall like structure or a shell (depending on what she needs) The vines are strong on their own but the wider the protected area, the weaker the wall of vines is to attacks against them. To make her vines protect and move she also moves her arms and body in the direction as her vines follow her movements. If combined with Flytrap the vines will have a additional abiltiy of slowly draining their ensnared target's physical energy to make it easier to drag them.

This technique allows Colbolt to grow, up to 16 vines, at one time. The Vines can be used for both defensive and offensive.  The amount of vines she has currently at her use determines the strength of attacks that she can block according to the chart belong along with the cooldown depending on the amount.


4 vines can block up to a bala and will no need to cooldown to continue to use
8 vines can block up to a cero and will take a post to cooldown before they can be summoned once again
12 vines can block up to a Gran Rey Cero and will take 3 posts to cooldown before they can be summoned once again
16 vines can block up a obcuras and will block take 4 posts to cooldown before they can be summoned once again

Ability Name:

Ability Description:
This is probably colbolt's sneakiest attack by tossing a simple seed attached to some sort of pebble or rock at her said opponent. the seed will secretly attach to her opponent. Once attached colbolt will allow her reaistu to feed into the small seed. After a five post duration has passed and the seed has not been detached or removed. it will sport a huge array of vines and flowers entangling her opponent and ensnaring them in a hold.

Boosts: 3x in Speed, and durability

Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

History: Colbolt’s real name in the human world was Annamaria Armenia Yashia. She was the youngest of the Yashia family. Her past wasn’t the best due to the fact that she  never go and post to know her older brothers, any of the six and her older sister had to raise her. Their dad was never home, always any business trips and such. Their mother was too drunk to give a care for her two  girls.

Annamaria died at the young age of seven. Anna had always been able to see spirits ever since she was young. There were times she did manage to help spirits and such, but doing this didn’t help the fact of her death. She had just got back from staying late over at a friend’s house, helping with a project. She was on her way home before she heard a scream and followed it seeing a girl around her age running towards her. She didn’t know what the girl was running from till she  felt a huge gust of hot breath behind her. She turned to stare face to face with a frog/snake hollow that quickly sent her to her death.

Annamaria did not get saved by shinigami, sent to the society.

She landed in the land of the hollows, becoming one herself from the fear and hatred in her heart from still remembering the promise from her older sister that she would come get her, she never did. Annamaria sent who knows how many years, killing shinigami and spirits and humans alike. Gaining enough power to go through the painful process of tearing off her mask. It took several attempts but she managed to tear off her mask, finally becoming an Arrancar.

Soon after she had found  another group of hollows much like her but they served a considered powerful Arrancar named  Berenguer Espetón. Cobolt had to go through many different fights with the other Arrancar but somehow she managed to be allowed among the Espada ranks under his leadership. A few years past and her role changed to that of a lab experiment. Her destiny in the experimentation was something she was tell was soul splitting, trying to create an Arrancar that was as hostile as the gods themselves. the experimentation was never fully completed because of the leader's downfall but the result she was stuck with was two souls stuck in one body; two different personalities that should have never existed within each other.

When a new group of Arrancar took the role of the Espada she became the ironic 4th of that group and grew into the woman she is today. She also took on the liking of researching and science of working to destroy the other soul within herself while trying to survive herself along with experimenting with hollow type viruses for the purpose of infecting the shinigami and tearing their whole existence apart.

Over the course of a decade or so, she had somehow managed to have a group of followers, a few shinigami that deserted their way of life to become vizards and some just followed because of them falling for her other personality, even at one point she had a strong alliance with the demons as one became very close to her and would be one of the many reasons for her future downfall.

It took a few decades to create the virus she was ready to try and the unfortunate guinea pig was the shinigami captain of the second squad Amaya Nanashi. the virus worked better than she expected and found it was mutating and transforming quicker than expected as she sent her followers and demons to the Serities to capture Amaya for the fact of research and to see the demise of her once human sibling that betrayed her.

it only took a month to see a full hollow fixation that caused her supposed end by none other than the shinigami that had fallen on her other side. Somehow at the moment of her death, the body that the two souls shared was destroyed and both were set free.Somehow there was an odd occurrence, instead of both souls being destroyed ,the Tame kind soul ,who called herself 'Anna maria or Anna' for short was reincarnated as a vizard while the Soul of Colbolt was also somehow able to survive and that is the thing that Colbolt herself couldn't understand or figure out. Even to this day, she somehow gained a brand new body but what happened between being destroyed and awaking in her hidden lab was blank to her memory.

Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample:
((already done many threads with colbolt in it before i rebooted her but here we go))

What happened to me....Taken down by the pathetic Shinigami and HER...THAT parasite who calls herself...Anna...She took everything from me...Her existence...her...EVERYTHING....She will pay, even if its the last thing I do...She will pay dearly. Screamed a voice in the head of a sleeping girl as her closed eyes shot open only to close quickly in response to the light sensitivity of her surroundings. two bony arms reached up crossing in front of her eyes as she gasp of pain escaped the female's lips.

She lay still and silent listening to the tempo of various sounds of beeping, bubbles bubbling to the surface as if the water was being boiled...what happened...where was she. She hesitantly  uncrossed her arms and slowly opening her eyes blankly a few times before the light didn't cause any more pain. she flexed her fingers a few times as well as her toes as she slowly tried sitting up only to fall back down on the soft cushioned surface she was laying on. she reached a hand to her head before bringing some of her hair to in front of her eyes. Her eyes widen at the color was she seeing. hair...was never was Teal....screamed the voice in her head as she shut her eyes putting her hands on her temples feeling a searing pain of a headache mixed with a few moments of her death. she shot up quickly into a sitting position before letting a loud cry of agony escape her lips from the pain. Her breathing became rapid and staggered as she was more or less having a panic attack from what was happening.

after a few minutes, she got herself calmed down by listening to the machines in the room, their unbroken rhythms somehow calming her down. she felt this room was a familiar scent to it...maybe she had been here before...many times maybe? She let her hands fall into her lap as she blinked letting her eyes take in her surroundings. She was right, this room....these machines...they were hers once before...but she had died right? there was only her voice in her head, No one else's. She let out a light laughter that got louder by the second but was cut off after a few minutes. Yes, no other voices...this was ONLY her one else's. it was all hers once more. hers and hers alone.

She got up using the table near her to help stable her as she felt her legs were like jello. What the hell happened to her body, it was never like this. after a few minutes of falling and craving she managed to find her bathroom and used the sink for assistance as she managed to stand, with its help. Her left hand extended to the dusty mirror in front. the mirror was cold and dusty. she took a few soft weak strikes at the dust clearing a hole in the dust. the sight she saw...was truly terrifying.

She didn't see the familiar face she had always known...No....this face that stared in shock right back at wasn't her face.

"No....That is not mask's not me!"She managed to say reaching her hand forward against touching the mirror before touching her face. The Reflection did the same had to be her.... She was in utter shock, unable to explain what happened when the answer hit her like a ton of bricks "I died....Anna died. I am the only one in this body....I am this what I was meant to look like without her.?"she asked herself before she looked at the figure "Who are you?"she asked the mirror as three single words escaped her lips in response.
"I am....Colbolt."

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