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Nakita Noctrume Emptyon Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:21 am


Name: Nakita
Apparent Age: 26
True Age:1,235
Sex: Female

Nakita over all can be considered a seductive spider. She always finds it fun to get into other’s heads, whether they are allies, enemies or food. She enjoys turning friends against each other for a promise from her which normally ends up with them dying to her. She enjoys trapping people in her webs of false promises to see how desperate one is to receive her gift towards the end. Nakita’s personality tends to change from victim to victim. She can be sadistic to one victim meeting his wants and needs, to another she is the loving girlfriend obeying their every will. She can play the role that her victims wish of her to get in their head.

When she is happy- She tends to have a happy demeaner about herself having a bounce on her step along with more movement with every step. a sweet smile painted on her face and usually with stay till her mood is ruined. Usually in her happy mood she can be found humming some sort of song. This is the mood that tells you she had a lot of fun messing with someone that got her in the happy mood or she found something new to play with that she is very interested in.

When she is mad- She is not someone you want to be around. You can tell her anger mood because she tends to play with her hair or something to try keeping herself from rampaging when she doesn’t need to bring attention to herself. If you do get on her bad side, she isn’t afraid to just destroy your existence on the spot so if you see her red eyes staring through you as she is walking towards you, it is best to run and hide in hopes she either isn’t going for you or that she doesn’t find you.

Nakita Noctrume Yuzuriha.Inori.full.2048150
Height: 5,4
Weight: 105 lbs
Physical Traits:

Nakita stands at a 5,4 with a buck of five as an estimated weight that really can’t be seen just by looking at her. Her skin is a light even tan with a flawless complexion. Her skin is baby skin soft and glows in the sunlight very softly. She has a very thin build with slight curvy hips along with carrying a B cup that is out there but not at the same time. Her hair is Pink like freshly spun cotton candy. Her hair reaches midway down her back but is normally kept in a side braided towards her left. She has fragments of bone at the top of her head.  She has crimson red eyes.


General Fighting Style: Nakita is very  let her opponent fall into her traps before moving in for the kill
Strengths: Agility, relax, stamina
Weaknesses: Strength, Duribility, hand to hand.


[Unlike other races, Sinners are always at full power. You have access to all these powers always.]

Ability Name: Widow’s Gift
Description: Nakita capable of generating spider webs from her body. Which allows her to use for her abilities with the eight legs on her back

Ability Name: Spider’s shot
Description: web that she shoots from her legs towards her enemy that will either tangle her target if hit began able to withstand a cero damage attack or present a bala damage. If it doesn’t hit her shot will remain on the area and can assist in later attacks

Ability Name: Widow’s Children
Description: Nakita can manifest 10 spiders per post. They can go to the opponent and explode either around or on the opponent presenting Bala damage per spider hit.

Ability Name: Madness shot
Description: this is another type of web that has a purple tint to it. By touching it, the poison inside the threads will begin to make the opponent hallucinate either worst fears for two posts. The Second part to this said Madness is it slowly over the course of the two posts presents a speed and reflex dampener and needs a three-post cool-down

Ability Name: Widow’s pet
Description: By cutting of one of her 8 legs on her back. She will wrap it in a web sitting it down for two posts. Within the two posts the small sac will grow to become a two-story tall, 2 long school bus wide sac that will split open revealing a giant black spider.

The Spider has different abilities of its own.

It has a standard sticking attack with its legs and fangs that can present Gran rey cero Damage per stick.

It has the same web attack as Nakita only his standard web shot does Cero damage and its madness is the same as her just a bit more potent has a Post Cool-down

Ability Name: Cocoon
Description: By spinning web either around her or in front of herself acting like a barrier and or can reflect the said attack up to Cero Oscara has 2 post cool downs

Ability Name: Widow’s trap
Description: Nakita can spin a huge ball of lose web about her size. She will typically toss this lose ball of web at the opponent which will shatter on impact of a basic swing. This is the point to her attack as the threads flow around in the air she will pull back one of her legs which will pull her threads back together possibly entangling her opponent of which she can inject her madness into the threads. The threads all bound together can withstand a gran rey cero with a 3-post cooldown

Ability Name: Widow’s pillars
Description: throughout the battle any stray threads or attacks of Nakita’s webs will began to intertwine around the battlefield. The more the field becomes encased the sticker and harder it becomes for her opponents to move and dodge her attacks becoming easier to be ensnared  for 2 posts. Any spiders she forms will add to the threads among the battlefield. Nakita will not be affected by her webs as instead they actually amplify her agility by her tier.

Ability Name: Spider’s stun
Description: with her extra legs will rub together causing a electric current that she can send through her webs into her opponent dealing  Grand rey cero damage with a three post cooldown.

Ability Name: Widow’s Blade
Description: By running her reistu through her webs her threads will become sharp enough to be able to cut into her opponent dealing Bala damage. This really doesn’t need a cooldown


History: Nakita has always been a seductress ever since she was young. It was her life and the only way she knew how to live. She grew up with just a single mom that had to do more then she ever wanted to see to make ends meet. One night she found a side of her mother she never thought of ever existing. She saw her mother literally kill one of her clients in cold blood. This caused Nakita to be curious but interested in her mother and that life. For years she did research and watched her mom and her ‘specialty.’ And tried her first victim at the tender age of 16. At first, she got cold feet but by watching her mom she gained the courage and nerve to take a life and man did it bring forth a true monster of the night. Through out her life she has seduced man of various ages, race, social status, all managing to make them fall head over hills madly in love with her. She would occasionally spread a lie or rumor to one or two of them pitting the two against each other for her amusement as normally by the end of the battle she would kill the victor and get away with it for quiet a few years till the police caught wind and began connecting the dots leading to her. She was captured and found guilty before she was sentenced to death. Upon her death bed the only thing she did was hold a smile on her face even after her last breath
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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