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Doku Mazi Emptyon Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:29 pm


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Name: Doku Mazi
Alias: The Black Death
Real Age: 2500
Phys. Age: 40
Gender: Male
Personality: If I could go back and do it all over again, I'd have strangled my children, potentially all the children to be quite honest with you. -Doku Mazi

Doku is a no-nonsense type of guy, some would consider him evil for this but he himself considers himself pretty neutral. He only cares about whatever job he decides to dedicate himself to, and it was for this reason that he is considered by many to be one of the most strict, but also one of the best captain commanders of all times. Doku loves his children dearly, except for that one girl, cunt. Doku is that old fuck who sits back in his chair and calls all the young folks whipper-snappers and whinges on about back in his day, but that's not the most important part of his character by any stretch.

(Look folks, I'm just trying to get this done)

Doku is known by many to be a sadistic individual, but unlike Ika he isn't one to play with his food when he doesn't really have to. Doku is always looking for the kill, and always aiming for a quick slaughter to keep things moving along. Doku realizes now that he was revived by his son when his son was Soul King, and for that he is thankful and figures surely his son could use some help in the form of the old way of doing things. Which brings us to the point that Doku is loyal, but only to those he considers loyal to him. His loyalty to the Gotei 13 became strained after death, but he would like nothing more than to take it over and bring it back to the older times, better times as far as he's concerned.

Doku is a good teacher for anyone he deems worthy of teaching, but his style is ruthless and much akin to the style Ika uses when training his subordinates, which makes sense because hey, Ika had to learn it somewhere right? Abuse is the name of the game but it's certainly not without it's merit or reasoning. Doku is direct and to the point, caring little for small-talk or shit-talking prior to combat, and any kind of mind games an opponent might try aren't exactly practical on a man such as Doku. Ruthless and aggressive as he is, Doku is painfully self-aware and understands the current state of his mortality, and his only true goal is to get to know the world as it is now, before he departs from it once more.

Height: 6'3
Weight: 190 pounds
Physical Traits: Doku Mazi Auron_by_olan_orig_by_oleolah-d6j6gso

General Fighting Style: Doku employs a calculated fighting style with an emphasis on strategically wearing his opponents down to where they can no longer compete with him.
Strengths: Zanjetsu, Agility, Reiryoku
Weaknesses:  Hakuda, Reitsu

Ability Name: Immunity
Ability Description: Immune to all of his own poisons.
Ability Name: High Speed Regen
Ability Description: A Mazi family staple

Sealed Appearance: See appearance
Zanpakutou Name: Ekibyō o inoru
Call Out Command: Cleanse the Earth

Appearance: Back in Doku’s day, appearances rarely changed, and he’s no exception.

Ability Name: Reality Marble
Description: Doku creates an alternate domain to transport his enemies to along with him, and this is known as the reality marble. Yasuo creates a landscape within the reality marble that is literally an endless wasteland littered with swords, knives, sickles, scythes, needles, kunai, axes, and plenty of other fun shit. He can control/manipulate up to 100 points worth of shit at any given time. Cero speed.

(axes are 20, scythes/sickles 15, Spears and swords 10, knives and kunai are 5, needles are 4.)

Ability Name: Sword/Spear toxin
Description: if these hit an opponent’s limb that limb is immobilized for 1 post. (the post after the attack lands) if it hits their back, chest, or anywhere else that isn’t a limb a random limb will undergo this same effect. If this strikes the same limb after the first time, the effect is lessened to 50% and then 25%. Once per post limit. Cero speed/force

Ability Name: Axe Poison
Description: If you’re caught by the axe, your stamina will be depleted by 5% up to 15% total. Cero force/speed

Ability Name: Scythes and Sickles Poison
Description: Any wound made by these will regenerate at half speed, and the bleeding rate will double for a post. If the opponent doesn’t have regen, the bleeding will last for two posts. Cero force/speed

Ability Name: Knives and Kunai poison
Description: When one or more of these hit the opponents reaction time and perception will be lowered by 15%. Only once per post. Cero speed and force

Ability Name: Needles 4 Days
Description: These will move at Bala speed, and for every 1 that hits there will be a 5% speed reduction up to 30% for 2 posts with a 2 Post grace period. Bala force

Bleed Out- whenever Doku draws blood with an attack where his spiritual energy is present, any wounds an opponent incurs are automatically reopened.

Boosts: 2x all

New Name: Kokushibyō no hakai
Appearance: Still no changes you fucking whippersnappers!

Ability Name: Armor
Description: works like average heirro. Mediates damage up to 15%.

Ability Name: Superior Training
Description: 4 x all physical stats.

Ability Name: Gas Bombs
Description: Can also work as a smoke bomb, a very thick gas will envelop the area within 100 feet of the bomb. Getting caught in this will cause the opponent to have difficulty breathing, and cause significant coughing and choking for 1 post. 2 Post CD.

Neurotoxic Demise- Doku can snap his fingers when his gas bombs are released, and instead of the usual attack a neurotoxic gas will expand outwards about 200 feet. Any contact with the skin will cause extreme convulsions, a 75% reduced ability to use whatever muscles came in contact with the poison, and if the opponent inhaled it they will experience breathing difficulties alongside this. 5 Post cooldown, this move is one of Doku’s aces in the hole. 1 post duration.

Necrotoxic spray- once per post Doku can spray a stream of liquid necrotoxins at the opponent. Wherever this comes in contact with the skin, it will rot away much like a brown recluse bite. The area of effect will be wherever the toxins initially expanded to.

Blood Poisoning- whatever Doku’s blood comes in contact with will begin to break down due to its necrotoxic properties. Doku can even manipulate this blood in a pinch, though it’s not quite to scale with Ika’s acid for obvious reasons.
Boosts: 3 x all

New Name: Saigo no kokushibyō no hakai
Appearance: No changes you fucking whippersnappers

Superior Training 2.0- boosts are now 5x

Armor 2.0- 30% damage reduction

Silent Death-For 5 posts Doku can envelop the battlefield in gas anywhere within 100 feet of him, his speed and strength are boosted to 6 x, and his wounds are healed temporarily. He can go all out in this 5 Post period, before collapsing.

Boosts: 4 x all

-Progenitor of Mazi Clan
-Demise is his guard historically
-Former Captain Commander for 500 years. (1500 years ago to 1000 years ago)
-Considered by many to be the strongest CC of all times.
-Quincy Gintou attack caused him and Demise to disappear 1000 years ago on the way back from negotiations.
Side Notes: Elder Mazi boyo

Tier Charting: 1000 years ago till now 0-3
1500 years to 1000 years ago 0-2
1750 years ago he was 1-1
2000 years ago he was 1-3

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Doku Mazi Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:31 pm

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