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Ika Mazi Emptyon Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:31 pm


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Name: Ika Mazi
Age: 17-18
True Age: 1500
Sex: Male
Personality:  Ika smokes cigarettes but, prefers the sweeter more rewarding scent of Clove. He is an arrogant and outwardly sarcastic individual whom enjoys dabbling in pursuits of both satirical and jocular varieties. His sense of humor is at times very dark and this is reflected by his very asshole-esque outlook on life and the world. He is considered by many to be something of a dark and or brooding soul, and his personality leaves much to be desired at times. Despite this, he gets around a plenty with the ladies and there aren't too many people whom outwardly dislike him.  He loves to spar, and is known to be a rather painful, and intense sparring partner by all accounts..

Ika was viewed as a very nihilistic individual by most accounts, whom has at times been shown to struggle with developing coping skills outside of sex, alcohol, drugs, and things of that generally negative nature. He does not fear death by any stretch of the imagination, but rather welcomes it once the time suits him, which makes him a rather dangerous man. Ika does not fight to live you see, he fights to kill, demolish, annihilate, pick a synonym. He is by no means a good guy and though he may offer to help train with an acquaintance, friend, or subordinate of his he is not one to hold back on them either. He will not hesitate to gash you from asshole to appetite if you cross him, or if he finds you to be holding back. With this being said Ika is known for his generally aloof and care-free nature in casual settings, and if you're his friend you're about as safe as one could ever hope to be.

Rumors say in recent years, that Ika has developed a bit of a God Complex in part because of the fact that there is no controlling entity to govern him.. Given his power level this is a situation to be WATCHED.

Ika loves music, whether it be Metal-Core, Punk Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal, Rap, Indie, Alternative, or anything really in between. Hailing from the distinctly powerful Mazi clan, it was a shock to absolutely nobody that by age 200 not only had Ika secured a spot in the Gotei 13, but he was a Seated Shinigami that was perceived as being fringe Captain level.. 250 years in he was a full blown captain. He has been known to have a drink with everyone once in a while and has even been known to drink with squad 11 on occasion, since they are considered to be the rowdiest and funnest group of drunkards in all of the Gotei 13. He is an obnoxious person naturally and has never been one to shy away from a fight or verbal exchange, and given his limited social skills he almost always sticks his two cents in whether it was asked for or not. He shows many of the characteristics of a narcissist and a sociopath, though surprisingly enough lying is not generally in his palette for means outside of general manipulation.. He is considered by most to be a dangerous individual, but few can actually put a finger on why..

Ika is a proud individual, and if pride comes before a fall he's in for a rather large drop any time now. He is very quick-witted and clever, and shows great social skills when he actually attempts to apply them, but that does not happen with any measure of frequency. He is a man of materialistic urges and of the more primal, lust based urges.. Not a believer in love past a one night stand, Ika is renowned for his womanizing habits but will seemingly never settle down.. It is also a known fact that given his charismatic and prideful nature Ika does not take well to humiliation or frustration, and will lash out in very scary, life-altering ways if he is provoked.. Captains are not advised to engage or provoke Ika Mazi without backup, and lots of it. It does NOT end well, and if you need proof we have the corpse of Yomi Shingetsu to prove it.

Ika's dark side isn't hard to drag out, but if it DOES surface you won't live to tell about it. The Charismatic, boisterous, borderline apathetic figure from the previous descriptions ceases to exist and he becomes cold, hateful, bitter.. It very much seems that he releases all his frustrations in life on an opponent while simultaneously nullifying his own empathy. When Ika snaps be it from not getting his way, or being cornered, the results are devastating.. He becomes manipulative, destructive, and his apathy for life turns into a hatred as opposed to a lack of care.. No one is advised to engage Ika when he is in this mental state, because it will NOT end well. For anyone. Numbers advantage or not it is not worth it.. You've been warned.  


Height: 6'2
Weight: 170 pounds
Physical Traits: Ika Mazi Black-haired-anime-male-black-hair-anime-and-anime-boys-on-pinterest


General Fighting Style: : Ika is generally a jack of all trades that specializes in aggressive offense incorporating a mixture of power and speed, as well as reckless abandon to offset any type of fighter he could possibly come into contact with.
Strengths:  Reiryoku, Agility, Reitsu Control, Hakuda, Hoho
Weaknesses: Stamina, Sensing, Endurance, Zanjetsu

Zanpakuto & Kidou


Sealed Appearance:
Ika's Sealed Zanpakuto is now a pair of solid black metallic gauntlets with durability equal to that of a Sealed Zanpakuto. They cover the entirety of his hands and both arms up to his elbows, allowing him to get in close and hit harder than he was capable of before. The trade-off of course is the range a blade can provide, but that's neither here nor there. The tips of the fingers extend into a blade, resembling a Tigers claws and extend out about 3 inches with Zanpakuto level cutting power. They are retractable, and can be activated or deactivated with a simple Reitsu input or output into the gauntlets.

Sealed Abilities: Claws- The tips of the fingers extend into a blade, resembling a Tigers claws and extend out about 3 inches with Zanpakuto level cutting power. They are retractable, and can be activated or deactivated with a simple Reitsu input or output into the gauntlets.

Output- Once every other post Ika can move his body  3 times at Shunpo speeds, meaning it could be Shunpo speed parrying or punches/slaps/claw attacks.

Shunpo arts- Ika can use Shunpo for momentum and torque for various martial arts techniques such as quicker submissions, as well as throes and takedowns.


Call Out Command: Sansei Ikari
Appearance: Ika's body grows armor that is skintight, and consists of Reitsu infused metal that is as good as average Heirro.

Gauntlets can now have 3 or 6 inch curved blades/claws.

   Shikai Techniques:NOTE: All abilities unless otherwise stated are capable of inflicting 2nd degree chemical burns..

Acid Manipulation- Any Acid Ika gets on the battlefield is free game, and can be manipulated however Ika chooses. Up to Cero speeds for both liquid, gas, and solid forms.. All will have a greenish hue to them.. All of Ika’s body consists of acid. His blood is acidic, His skin and tissues once removed can be dissolved into acid.. His spit and urine are acidic.. Sweat.. Any fluids from Ika, any liquids are acidic and capable of 2nd degree burns He is still capable of being injured like anyone else though, and his organs cannot turn to acid... Ika is obviously immune to his own acid.

Serge-Kinetic Constructs- Ika can form weapons such as Scythes, Swords, Knives, Hammers, Axes, Sickles, Spears/Pikes, and yes, even Maces and spiked Flails out of Acid.. He can also opt to liquefy these items at any time, giving him more acid to mess with, or simply something to give an opponent the most painful shower of their lives. He can form up to 5 weapons, before a 2 post CD is required. The acid stays on the battlefield regardless, and they do not affect Ika. They can withstand one maybe two strikes from a Zan before splattering…

Acidic Ball- 40 by 40 big ball of acid, does damage equal to two cero, and gives 2nd degree chemical burns as all his acid does.. 4 post cool down. 100 gallons.

Acidic vapor- Ika can vaporize all of his acid or set portions of it within a designated range once a post..  The gas can be used for two post until it dissipates, or is liquefied. . 2nd degree burns wherever contact is made.

Acidic Liquefaction- Once per Shikai release, and once per Bankai.. Ika can vaporize the entirety of his battlefield acid as a prerequisite, and then in the next post bring it back down as liquid..

Acid Bullets- Ika can shoot 50. Cal bullet sized Acid shots at people from his finger.. 50 shots total for a thread, single fire, up to 3 per post. Bala speed. 2nd degree burns and penetration damage from being solidified..

Boosts: 2 x to everything.


New Name: Sansei Shi
Ika Mazi Pbucket
Abilities: All prior abilities retained, Gauntlet Claw blades can vary in size from 3 inches, to 6, to even 12 inches now.

Acid Manip amplified- can now make acid travel at around Bala speed in liquid, solid, or gas form..They will all have a greenish hue to it, so they are visible.

Acidic Armor- Ika can create an inch layer of acid over his already existent armor.. Essentially contact means you get burned. An attack equal to a Gran Rey Cero will knock the armor loose, splattering it all over the ground.. It only acts as a thin coat of Heirro otherwise.. 3 post cool down.

Acid Rain- Ika throws a ball of Acid into the air, and after one post 100 yards worth of steady acid rain will occur. 3 post cool down. 1st-2nd degree chemical burns will occur.

Acidic Saturn- Ika can manipulate Acid rings around himself, much like Saturn.. On contact, 2nd degree burns will occur.. And when an attack is inbound, the acid will lurch out to weaken it by a Cero’s worth of damage, but only once per post.

High Speed Regeneration- Ika can regenerate from damage with ease. The caveat to this is that it is usually used to restore surface wounds as opposed to vitals, not that he can't do that, but those thusly take twice as much energy to work on.. And surface wounds, limbs, and blood restoration is twice as easy/less taxing.

Acid composition- Any limbs that are severed, any blood that is spilled, can all be converted into straight acid.. Basically he can make his arm blow up as a big acid bomb.

Conversion- Once per usage of Bankai, Ika can cease usage of his acidic abilities for 3 posts and get 3 posts of x 6 boosts to speed and strength.

Boosts: 3 x to everything.


Appearance: Ika Mazi 975be38bc44fcb84846592bfa27e59181339815296_full
Abilities: 3 x all

Acidic Personification- If Ika uses a Cero, Bala, anything like that, it will be filled with Acid, and on impact will explode with not only the damage of the normal attack, but with Liquid Acid Splatter.

Hollow Powers: Sonido, Pequissa, Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero, Heirro, Regeneration.


Appearance: Ika Mazi 1abdbaa188e4ea8a20d8369d8800f478

Abilities: All prior abilities retained

Acid Cannon- Ika opens his mouth, and releases a big ball of acid that is about 20 by 20 and deals Gran Rey Cero damage on top of 2nd degree chemical burns, 4 post CD.

Acid Bomb- Ika can charge up for 2 posts, and on the third deliver a 300 by 300 ball of condensed Reitsu and Acid.. Causes 2nd degree burns, and damage equivalent to 2 Forbidden Kidou if tanked head on, 1 in a half if you're caught with the splatter/expansion.. Fatigue state for the threads duration afterwards. Splatter spreads about 500 feet.

Rageeeee- Ika gets 5 x boosts to strength AND speed.
Boosts: 4 x all


Background: -Ika was born to former Captain Commander Shinu Mazi
-Member of the Mazi Clan (Obviously)
-Was 3rd seat of squad 12 by the time he was 200 years of age.
-Vice Captain by the time he was 220 years of age
-Captain by the time he was 250 years of age all the way up until his exile 290 years ago (Squad 2)
-Assassinated the killer of Captain Commander (To Be Named) 1200 years ago..
-Only Captain to vote no to the appointment of his father as CC
-Participant in the Third Great War
-Killed 100 Quincy of varying power levels during the war, and through his tenure as Captain is credited with the killing of 3 Vasto Lorde's, 50+ Adjuchas class Hollows, 30+ Arrancar, and 100+ Gillian Class Hollow. One of the most prolific Captains on the combat side of things, that the Gotei 13 has ever seen.
-Partook in the sealing of the Sinners.
-Was a survivor of the Arrancar invasion shortly following the third great war.


-The First Abomination in the Gotei 13, is believed to have killed Anzai Kuroi upon first Hollowfication..
-Officially the first to Hollowfy 290 years ago, when he and 5 others effectively slaughtered dozens of high ranking Shinigami in the Gotei 13..
-Sentenced to death, escaped with the 6 but he IS the sole survivor..
-Killed Captain Commander Akihiko Iyou before escaping to the Human World..
-Is not considered worth hunting down given the death-toll he tends to be associated with..
-Is rumored to have set up shop in Bogota with a Motley Crew of other misfits...
-Holy fuck, he took over the Gotei?
-He became Soul King then got bored?!

-The file is marked up and hidden from easy viewing. Strange..

Side Notes: Going Rogue.
RP Sample: Hi I'm Ika.

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