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The Espada Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:04 pm

The Espada 0ebaff1fe815364248bdf971070ba5d4

The Cero King of Hueco mundo

The King/queen rules over all hueco mundo usually with a brutally iron fist.

The Espada

The Espada are the fiercest warriors in hueco mundo. Strength is key to them. Espada are numbered by their power, a practice still kept on after the time of Aizen. To become Espada an arrancar or hollow must be 1-3 or higher, and if there is no free place they may challenge another espada for their spot.


Fraccions are the rank and file of the espada. They follow a specific Espada and only obey orders from that espada, or the king himself. Recent changes allows for each Espada to have 5 Fraccion each.

If you want to be an Espada, you must be tier 1-3 or higher. 7-9 can be 1-3 or higher. 4-6 can be 1-1 or higher. 1-3 must be 0-5 or higher. Cero King must be 0-3 or higher, and his guard must be 2-1 and higher. Positions can be fought over, just like in the Canon Espada.

The Espada Ee3eb806a86d87cb41c3abc5e8d94b2c

The Cero King:

The Cero Guard:
The Menor Guard:

The Espada 5575d0fbf46157c172e3d4f1f10cac89

Espada Primera:

Espada Segunda:

Espada Tercero:

Espada Quarto:

Espada Quinto:

Espada Sexto:

Espada Septima:

Espada Octava:

Espada Nuveno:

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