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Accelerator Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:14 pm


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Advent Human Template

Basic Information

Name: Accelerator
Age: 16
True Age: 16
Sex: Male
Personality: Accelerator has been targeted by assassins serving companies, people, and or governments/private entities wanting to harness his overwhelming natural abilities for years, and as such has become a fairly distrusting person that trusts few other than himself. His beliefs as an individual basically revolve around one key concept, that concept being power. He wants to have power to protect himself, and to destroy those around him whom do him harm. Accelerator is selfish, he cares little for the feelings, beliefs or condition of others unless they’re small children or something of the like. He can be made to care, it just certainly takes some outside interference, and it must ultimately show up at his doorstep, as he will not go out of his way for matters of compassion by any means.

While in combat, Accelerator thrives as a sadistic, nonchalant individual hellbent on destruction, pain, and devastation.  He enjoys fighting those strong enough to present a challenge for him and even more so enjoys those select few who can hold the claim of being even more powerful than he is. Due to the power granted by his natural abilities, and the overwhelming hatred he has for people in general, he is a reckless individual within combat and borders on insanity. He remains focused on his goal or goals in combat and the goal/goals are to kill whoever opposes him, and to have fun doing so. Weaker opponents usually fall victim to his tedious and otherwise unrelenting power levels, and he’s known to be very sadistic in combat. Inflicting pain on others is almost like a game to him, and in this regard he is truly one of the scariest characters you could ever have the displeasure of coming across.

More interesting than this is the reason he wants power, in a way Accelerator is somewhat like a Pacifist. He wants to get stronger and stronger only so that no one would dare raise a finger against him, the idea that someone would do that to him drives him insane, he’s tired of being targeted and as such wants to become strong enough to where he cannot be a target. He often even goes as far as trying to talk down weaker opponents, and keep them from fighting him knowing the damage in which he can cause and the relative ease in which he can do so. His ambitions are definitely one of the more interesting aspects of his character, as the passive-aggressive dynamic to his otherwise Sadistic Character hardly seems fitting. Regardless of his ambitions, mistaking him for someone to let you live after the fact is a mistake many have made and none can claim success, in fact, none of them can claim much of anything anymore.

Another interesting aspect of Accelerators character is the overwhelming air of arrogance he gives off in battle and in life regardless of circumstance. Those stronger or weaker are generally looked at about the same in terms of value and respect, and he legitimately feels as though he is inherently better than whatever competition is stupid enough to stand before him. This aspect of his character carries over to how he acts in social situations as well, completely unwilling to acknowledge any form of power or status over him and generally speaking, he is willing to push the limits of anyone. He is known for getting a rush in combat when fighting someone stronger than himself, and although rarely the initial instigator to a battle he does not have a problem in continuing a fight by any means, in fact, he almost revels in it. He does not enjoy combat for the glory of it, but for the knowledge of his growing power and the necessity of it to him.

Though he has few qualms with killing out of necessity, he has certainly shown a small capacity for empathy where it has room to be granted without risk. He envies those who can protect those around them and themselves without having to be ultra violent and murderous, and almost seems to idolize those who can protect themselves and others in the fashion of a true hero. He is almost like a lost child wrapped in a layer of darkness, though there is light in him if you dig deeply enough. He does not enjoy killing those that he does not have to, though it’s more of an internal battle than an external one and his external demeanor typically does not depict the internal struggles he has when he’s forced to take the lives of others. He refuses to show this side of himself to anyone however, as he does not want to come across as weak, and he does seem somewhat aware of the way other people think of him, and as such he conducts himself in a way in which they’re unlikely to think differently of him, just as he prefers.

Likes: Being Sadistic, being powerful, tough calculations.
Fears: Pain, losing, not being powerful.

Character Appearance

Height: 5 foot 6 inches (168 Centimeters)
Weight: 120 pounds-130 pounds (fluctuates)
Physical Traits:
Accelerator Latest?cb=20120316131810

You can ignore the written appearance and just look at the pwetty picture.
Accelerator is a lanky teenager with pale white features all around, moppy white hair that falls right above his eyes in a spiky fashion, and his eyes are a blood red color matching the typical scenery of which they endure. He keeps up with his hygiene surprisingly and has pearly white teeth and a well trimmed face to show for it, he has no facial hair of any kind and he has no plans on trying for any. His skin is as white as it is because his abilities block even the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thus stopping melanin production leaving him little to no true chance of getting a tan no matter how hard he were to try, not that him trying for one is exactly a likely possibility. On top of this, his abilities also block outside influence so much that it causes a loss of balance in his hormones leading to an almost androgynous appearance leading some to question his gender, though he certainly appears male and has the male sexual features and mental aspects overall. His slim build coupled with his stature certainly gives him the much expected appearance of a teenage boy, especially when coupled with his somewhat messy style of dress and primping, as such, despite his upkeep of hygiene, he can still have a somewhat apathetic appearance overall.

On top of his interesting physical figure, Accelerators style of dress is unique to say the least, and matches his physical appearance very well being almost a perfect compliment regardless of what he decides to be wearing at any given time. Accelerator has a well documented affinity for primarily white clothing with black and or grey as the secondary colors and trims, and this color code is generally followed head to toe at all times regardless of circumstances and what they would typically permit and or ask for. He has three pairs of skinny jeans, black, white, and grey, he has baggy grey sweatpants in his wardrobe, and several shirts with similar color schemes. One his preferred shirts is a black shirt with white striped patterns, and another favorite of his is a white shirt with V patterns down the center, and he also frequently uses a black electrode enhanced choker allowing him access to any and all networks to perform calculations for him whenever he deems this necessary. On top of this, he usually wears black, grey, or white Chucks/Converses, and socks to match the color scheme of his pants which usually cover them primarily. He also wears 3 different belts, a black belt, a white belt, and a grey one each made to compliment a particular attire.

Clothing: See Above
Accessories: See above

Fighting Style

General Fighting Style: Accelerator is what is known as both a berserker and a glass cannon. He will rush the opponent at will, he can be either passive or aggressive dependent on his mood, and he likes to slowly torture, and maim opponents, before inevitably ending their lives. He is not used to receiving much punishment, if any at all, and as such his durability and pain tolerance are almost astronomically low. His general combat tendencies are simple, rush and overpower, and if he can't do this? He's in deep trouble.

Strengths: Accelerator is quick on his feet, with very good Blur/Vibrostep skills. He has great Reiryoku Reserves and Reitsu, as well as manipulation of these factors.. Also specializes in Stamina!

Weaknesses: Durability, Accelerator cannot withstand damage. He has normal Human durability. Also has zero weapon skills. Very little physical strength..

Primary Stage

Ability Name: Accelerate
Description: Accelerator is named after his ability. It creates a thin field of Reitsu around him, which allows him to modify the vector values of anything he touches. This however has obvious drawbacks. This ability is inherent, and leads to the techniques listed below. This ability cannot be used outside of the expressed capacity of the techniques below. (Though if it's on NPCs and just random people who cares. Just no actual Players and RPers.)

Ability Name: Redirection (Barrage Blocker)
Description: By changing the vector values of anything by touch; Accelerator is able to redirect any and all forms of energy at leisure. If he were to for example, be shot at, he could redirect the kinetic energy of the bullets, and deflect them back towards the shooter albeit with minimal accuracy. ALL attacks with power less than or equal to a Cero are blocked, for one post. Anything stronger goes through, this has a 3 post cooldown. OR it can be used for 3 posts, with a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Reflect
Description: This can block up one attack at Hadou 70 level with a one post cooldown, or two with a two post cooldown.

Ability name: Shield
Description: This can block/reflect one attack of Hadou 90 level or lower, with a 5 post cooldown. The attack will dissipate on impact.

Ability Name: Regokinesis
Description: Due to Accelerators ability to manipulate Vectors at will, he can very easily launch any object in the environment at or under the weight of a truck at an opponent at surprising speeds. If the object is under 1000 pounds, it can be launched at Bala speeds. Over 1000? Cero Speeds. He can only launch up to 5 objects per post though at weights exceeding 1000 pounds. He can launch as much as he wants if the weight is under 1000 pounds though.

Ability Name: Vibration Step
Description: Accelerator can use Reitsu and Reishi vibrations all around him as a vector for movement, this essentially works just like Gemelos/Cicada.

Final Stage

Ability Name: Vector Control Expanded
Description: Essentially this form acts as an expansion of the Primary Stage, and serves as little else. All Prior Abilities retained.  Within this included is vibration manipulation on a small scale, which essentially allows for Accelerator to phase through non spiritually active objects such as buildings.

Ability Name: Accelerate
Description: Accel can bump up 1 x (to a max 5 x in Hyper Mode) in Strength and Speed for 5 posts with a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Plasma Manip
Description: Plasma blasts of all shapes and sizes! Oscuras level blast=4 post CD, Gran Rey=3 post CD, Cero=no post CD, Bala=no post CD.

Ability Name: Wings
Description: Accelerator can sprout wings out of the Reitsu reserves within his body, however, these can all only last for 5 posts before retracting back into his body. He can use these to fly, or to shield him, as they themselves serve as both a solid shield of solidified Reitsu. He can use these wings to reflect one attack, and one attack only back towards another target, but nothing stronger than a Gran Rey Cero; and once he does this, the wings become useful solely for flying, and for a shield, the shield however works solely as Hierro, shielding him from the brunt of an attack, but not the whole attack in and of itself.  An attack of Hadou 70-80 or better will destroy the wings, and they cannot be called upon again for 5 posts.

Ability Name: Wind Blades
Description: Accelerator can gather the winds to form a vacuum, and as he slashes his hands a slash much like that of Baku from Naruto's will emit from the tips of his fingers, heading towards an opponent at Bala level speeds. The cuts aren't anything to laugh off by any stretch. 1 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Yay more redirect.
Description: Accelerator can hold still, and reflect/redirect any 3 attacks that may normally make impact with him. Any, attacks. Once 3 attacks are blocked using this, Accelerator must adhere to a 5 post cooldown. Attacks cannot be stronger than a Cero Oscuras or hadou 95.

Regokinesis 2.0- This does not override the prior form of Regokinesis, for two posts Accelerator can make any objects in his presence fire at Bala or Cero speed AND Force, depending on their size. (Bala=500 pounds and under, Cero=over that and under 30,000 pounds.) 2 Post Cooldown.

Boosts: 3x all.

Hyper Mode

Ability Name: Shockwaves
Description: Accelerator can build Reitsu and translate it to high energy to his various appendages, and make it lethal. Shockwaves sent throughout the earth on impact. Getting hit by this would be equivalent to getting hit by a Cero, point blank. Lasts 2 posts with a 3 post cooldown.

Plasma Cannon- Accelerator can gather energy from the area around him in the palms of his hand, and form plasma, enough to launch a blast much like a Kamehameha at an opponent. This would do Gran Rey Cero Damage, and has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Angel Wings
Description: Accelerator's wings from the previous form expand from 6 feet in width to 9, and can now reflect two large scale attacks before becoming little more than a barrier, as opposed to one. They last now for a duration of 7 posts but once they wear off they are gone for the duration of the thread. He can now use the wind generated from them to send back attacks with power weaker than or equal to a Bala once a post. The Reitsu used to form these wings now serve to cover Accelerator from head to toe, and the wings as well as the Reitsu coating can be used to amplify physical attacks, and work as fairly strong Heirro. (think wearing brass knuckles then punching someone in the face or cutting them with Reitsu covered wings.) They can withstand a Cero Obscuras or Hadou 85, but nothing more. Can only withstand one attack like this. Obviously used for flight as well.

Ability Name: Plasma Balls
Description: 5 per post Max. Cero level balls of plasma to be launched at an opponent at speeds a bit faster than a Cero.

Ability Name: Tornado's
Description: Accelerator can manifest the wind much as earlier, and translate it to outright velocity and torque creating a tornado to butcher whoever is in it's way. Travels at the speed of a Cero. 2 post cooldown, some variant of wings must be active for this to be used.

Boosts: Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Reitsu X 4. Durability X 4.

Back Drop

Background: Accelerators first memories.. Were not of anything specific, they were more of feelings, as opposed to events. Feelings of hatred, sadness, and loneliness. His parents were killed when he was a little boy by a Hollow, a Gillian class Hollow to be precise. Yet when the Hollow went for him.. It's existence, as well as the house Accelerator was residing in, was torn to shreds. At 5 years old, Accelerators existence was very easily summed up by declaring him both a monster, and a power. His power was unlike anything most men had ever seen, his Spiritual Pressure was rare for adults, let alone children. The beginnings of his conscious life were more or less filled with loneliness, and homelessness. He had no where to go, and no one willing to take him in.

Accelerator does not remember his birth name, only that it was not Accelerator. This was the name granted to him by who was his adopted father, Dr. Mizuku, whom took him in. Mizuku was well aware of the abilities of Accelerator, and only intended to study them and harness them for his own good, but to Accelerator, this was more love than he'd known in several years. As an eight year old boy, Accelerator excelled in all forms of schooling and learning, by the age of 12 he had an IQ well exceeding 300, and his mind worked through calculations quicker than most people deemed to be humanly possible. Yet it was not this that set him apart from other people, once again it was his unique, and otherwise unfulfilled potential for combat.

Dr. Mizuku had begun devising a plan to truly bring out the powers of Accelerator that he had been hoping to see. He Moved to Karakura Town for what seemed to be no apparent reason, but he did have a reason. His reasoning was that the town was known for, renowned for it's spiritual energy, and the presence of Hollows and other enhanced beings. He hoped that some may attack Accelerator, and that he could learn of his true capabilities in combat. He wanted to know to what exact ends Accelerators abilities could be used, and to what unfathomable extent could his power go? The first attack did not take long, and having hacked most of the cities Video cameras, Dr. Mizuku could see it all..

An Adjuchas class Hollow attacked Accelerator, it thought it would find a cheap meal in the form of the small, androgynous boy. Needless to say, it was more than surprised to find that upon charging a Cero to launch at him, it was reflected back at him, Splattering him with all the intended force it had wanted to put towards Accelerator. It had not come alone however, and soon 3 more Gillian level Hollow approached Accelerator, each launching a Cero of their own only to garner results that were consistent with those of the Hollow that had tried before. 5 Garden Variety Hollow approached, and by this point, Accelerator was frightened into action. With tears in his eyes he screamed, he felt a great release of energy and noticed that they had been leveled by said release. He also noticed a tingling in his back, and that he had sprouted wings. His sobbing only intensified upon his father coming to find him, but he was more than a little loyal to the fact that he was not rejected, but rather warmly welcomed, and taken home.

Having seen what a monstrous child Accelerator truly was, the doctor was both enticed and a little frightened, he decided that he would hire mercenaries to carry out hits on him. If they succeeded, his fears would be no more, if they did not, they were simply grooming a weapon for his inevitable usage. This proposition seemed like a win-win, and Accelerator knew none the better. Accelerator probably would have become suspicious, had several government agencies not attempted to kill him much in the same way that these hired mercenaries did. He grew tired of the hatred, and fear that his power created. He grew sick of the human interference with his life, and made it a point to not only redirect their gazes, but through power he would make them ignore his existence. He fought so that he would never fight again, and used sadism as a means to reduce temptation for others, but soon? This innate sadism consumed him.

One of these many attacks was staged with Accelerator walking home. He noticed the bullets flying at him, and only stopped long enough to watch the bullets fly every which way they could, all killing mercenaries in every direction of which they went. As he looked onward, he noticed one mercenary attempting to crawl away. "Well that just won't do now will it.." a slight grin crossed his face, all the years of abuse and hatred that had consumed him for so long manifested themselves in the form of his soon to be despicable actions. He approached the man with a smile that would have made the devils blood run a hint colder. "You think you're leaving?.."

His face contorted into a state of madness as he lifted the man from the ground by his leg, "I see one of those stray bullets hit you in the shoulder right there.." He shoved a finger into the wound and listened to the therapeutic screams of the man. The man begged and pleaded, knowing full well he was about to be a dead man. I wonder what would happen if I reversed your blood flow..  Let's find out together new friend!" The man screamed, but it did not last long. His heart had burst, clots began to fill his body all over. Accelerator smiled as if he had done the work of a saint as opposed to the work of a sinner, such acts he decided would benefit him, and past that? What should he care?.. What should a benevolent being such as himself really care about when it came to the feelings of others..?

Accelerator returned home, to see an Arrancar with a sword through his fathers chest, it had consumed the doctors wife before he arrived. His madness drove him over the edge, the Spiritual Pressure that flooded out from within him was as heavy as anything the Arrancar had ever felt. Wings larger than those from before sprouted from his back, the Arrancar launched a volley of Bala yet they were all sent back towards him with haste. Accelerators face contorted in an instant from sadness, to laughter. "I WILL MAKE ALL FEAR ME, YOU WILL ALL PERISH." He charged the Arrancar, his speed was amplified to the point of absurdity. He grabbed it by the throat and kept punching, and punching, and punching, till all he was punching was mush.

Accelerator looked at the puddle, the mess he had created, and stepped back. His wings dissipated, his eyes slowly began to grasp the atrocities in which this maniacal state had led him to be capable of. He then looked down to see the only father figure he had ever known at his feet, dead. His Mother wasn't even a corpse enough to bury, he simply saw the bloodstain, and the amulet she always wore. He balled in the corner for what seemed like hours, before slowly getting to his feet, and looking around. His will had went from paper to steel, his mind went from a haze to clear. He knew what he had to do, and he would do it. All in due time.. Power so great that none could challenge... That would be his quest... It had to be..

RP Sample: Fuck u

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