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An open invitation Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:18 pm


Ika was pretty well open to any kind of challenge, anything one might wish to throw at him would be more than welcome at this point. He hadn't fought in a while and if he was being honest he felt a bit rusty, he had grown complacent with his level of power and hadn't exactly trained to hone it for the past several years or so. So, it was time to focus in on that, whether Ika wanted to or not he was transported to an arena he recognized. He had been here many times, randomly transported here to fight to the death.. As interesting as it was, Ika knew that he had to be on guard and so he was.

Ika took a drag off his cigarette and let the smoke fill the air in front of his face as his challenger slowly began to approach him. He cracked his neck and gave them a smirk, waving hello... This was going to be a good day for one of them, and a less than fortunate series of events for the other one..

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An open invitation Emptyon Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:31 pm

Natasha had to say she was fairly newer than most when it came to combat, leadership, and the like. However, she also wasn't hundreds of years old like other things were, which was surprising considering just how strong she was. She had trained long and hard for a human such as herself. She had trained daily and learned the aspects of her abilities. Nonetheless, she didn't have the experience many others would have. She didn't have the adaptation to the world and knowledge that others would have giving her quite the disadvantage.

So, she would find herself facing off against a man she had been warned about before the match would begin. He was much more experienced, much more ruthless, and much stronger than her appeared. Her long, green hair would swish behind her as she drew closer to the man she had been told about. However, with this match she wouldn't hesitate and she knew the moment she had stepped in the arena that the match was started. She would begin by walking up to the man before using blur to get up close before pulling out two knives. She would use the right hand to slash at Ika's chest. She wasn't going to do anything too drastic at this stage, since she wanted a full, well thought out fight.

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