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Anna Nanashi Emptyon Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:19 am

Anna Nanashi Green_11


Name: AnnaMaria Nanashi
Alias: Anna, Ann
Real Age: 1,254
Phys. Age: 30
Gender: Female
Personality: Anna has always been on pause. She seems to just go with the motions. Never once did she seem to have any want of being or doing anything of any kind. Just went along with the daily schedule. For the longest time her parents literally thought she was a mute for the longest time for the fact that she didn’t seem to want to talk or really do anything. Most often in school she will just be staring out the window with a blank expression. If you asked Anna she would just look at you or give a vague reply like “too ordinary...” or “No point to be different”. That was the Anna of year back up till her 19th birthday. On her 19th birthday something in her changed as if someone pressed the play button on her soul. Anna frankly can’t tell you why she was so…lifeless most of her life as she doesn’t even know herself. No, she still for the most part act like that purely out of habit but recently she has attempted to be more outgoing but finds it hard to break the shell of what she once was. She is socially awkward and doesn’t seem to notice social ques.
When it comes to battle she is a completely different person as a survival instinct of her past life will kick in. She isn’t much for talking and prefers to do the simple, fight to either kill or survive. This side hates to run but will if it must. Normally after a fight this side will stay out just to focus on healing itself or recovering before Anna will snap back to her normal self-having nearly no clue what had happen during the fight other then the moment she felt threatened.
When she is alone she can often be find wearing some headphones with rabbit ears attached to them. Often lost in the song giving her signature stare as if putting another pause on her world.


Anna Nanashi Ody18_11

Height: 5,1
Weight: 105
Physical Traits:
Anna stands at 5,1" with a estimated weight of 105. She can be considered very pretty and in place. Seemingly, wakes up perfect with her pastel lime green hair reaching about three inches behind her shoulders which she pulls up in a loose pined up ponytail with a giant blue flower. Her teal eyes are usually lifeless but bright as if an empty house with its lights left own waiting for its owner to come back.

She has a flawless look to her skin almost to that of a porcelain doll. For her usual clothing she can be found in a green kimono with gold and white flowers on the surface. This is her usual outfit preferring the traditional look over anything else as it was pretty and simple, not much of a hassle for her.

General Fighting Style:  she prefers to stay in the back lets others deal with all the hassel and trouble allowing her to heal, but when she is forced to she prefers to keep her distance and tire her opponents out and let them admit defeat.
Strengths: Agility, Reaistu, Stamina
Weaknesses: strength, duriablity,hand to hand

Ability Name: Wind maiden
Ability Description: Anna has the ability to control and from wind and air at her will to use however she sees fit

Ability Name:  Past life
Ability Description: With her past life being part of the hollow Colbolt there was a shift that when she pulled off her mask to become a Arrancar, her soul tore as well creating the vizord Anna and the Arrancar Colbolt. Now, they both can sense each other’s presence when nearby as well as feel the other’s pain and gain red marks on their skin representing where the other is injured. Sometimes the both of them can catch glimpse’s of the other’s sight.


Sealed Appearance:
Anna Nanashi Auction_closed__by_rofeal-dafz419
Zanpakutou Name: Aira
Call Out Command: "Fly free from the binds that hold you and Erase their existence, Aira"


Anna's Base form doesn't change  other then her eyes glow a bright teal

weapon: Anna Nanashi Weapon_commission_84_by_epic_soldier-db87u6m

Ability Name: Healing Aera
Ability Description:[/b] a coat of wind will form either around her hands or in a ball turning to a light green. She can either direct the ball towards her ally temporary encasing them in a light green breez that will heal only minor wounds. If by having the wind wrap around her hands and she directly focuses on healing she can heal deep cuts to near fatal wounds, has a three-post cooldown.

Ability Name:   Vernier
Ability Description: Anna will encase her ally’s feet in air increasing their speed 2x for a two post duration, has a 2 post cooldown

Ability Name: Enforce
Ability Description: Anna’s wind targets a region of the body in which to increase damage output, such as the arms, for a short period of time.  Has a two post duration, gives a 1x boost to her chosen ally for two posts has a two post cooldown gives damage up to cero to that certain part

Ability Name: Reinforce
Ability Description: Anna’s wind will wrap around herself or a ally  that enhances the defense power of the target can withstand up to a gran rey cero has a two post cooldown

Ability Name: Wind Prison
Ability Description: Anna creates a tornado that surrounds a certain area to cut it off from the outside world. Things from the outside can enter it, while the ones from the inside will get cut into pieces if they try to get out of it Her Prison can withstand attacks up to Cero Oscara and will remain on the field for about three pots but takes a two post cool down.

Ability Name: Storm shreds
Ability Description:  This is more of a  Passive/ Active base ability for Anna’s Scythe where when she strikes or moves her blade she will send a blade of wind in the direction she aimed, Each blade that would hit would give Bala Damage.


New Name:Aelious Aira
Her kimono changed to a short open back white dress wit a flowing skirt reaching half way down above her knees. A green ribbon wrapped around her waist tying into a big bow behind her. A deep Hunter green Cloth wrapped around Her shoulders and head revealing a hood with cape reaching to about her waist clipped with three green feathers. She gained white open toe high heels with a ribbon tying up to her knees Her hair will be let down and her eyes will move from a teal to a glowing pure white.
it is the scytheAnna Nanashi Weapon_commission_103_by_epic_soldier-dc36c7f

Ability Name: Sky drill
Ability Description:
Anna will move into a wide stance, spreading her arms wide and causing a fast wind barrier to form, which surrounds them and their opponent and prevents either from escaping. The user then moves their arms in a counter-clockwise direction, causing the wind wall to contract inwards around their opposition, sending them flying upwards into the air and crashing back down to the ground. This attack has a three-post cooldown and does Cero Oscara damage

Ability Name: Wind Beam
Ability Description:
Anna engulfs the blade of her scythe with wind, then she will slice an X-shape in front of herself before a concentrated blast of wind blades at the target.

Ability Name: Storm Armor
Ability Description:
Anna  manipulates the wind to spin around her until she is covered by an armor of wind. This armor does not only increase her defenses but assist with making her wind based attacks stronger. Can block up to a gran rey cero has a three post cooldown


Anna Nanashi S-l300

Ability Name: Healing Aera
Ability Description:[/b] a coat of wind will form either around her hands or in a ball turning to a light green. She can either direct the ball towards her ally temporary encasing them in a light green breez that will heal only minor wounds. If by having the wind wrap around her hands and she directly focuses on healing she can heal deep cuts to near fatal wounds, has a three-post cooldown.
Hollow Powers: amplified healing and enchantments and control of wind.



History: • Anna was born around 1197 in the edo period of japan born to a somewhat noble or high nobility family with her sister Amaya.
• Anna’s mother had once been attacked by a hollow but survived till Anna was eight.
• It was around 10 when Anna had noticed her abilities and her attachment to the wind.
• Anna had a harsh upbringing of do this walk like that. Be everything she wasn’t.
• At the age of 18 she came to a near death experience which in turn somehow split her literally into two different souls with a minor attachment.
• When She was about 30 she noticed she had quit aging and felt that something would happen if she was found out with her abilities, so she left.
• Anna traveled the country side for de cades stopping in towns here and there for about 30 40 years then move to another and start a new life. She often changed her appearance, name and things about herself soon losing who she truly was.
• About 589 years old she met the one called Ika and had a love she never felt with anyone else, but she knew and accepted from the start. She can be found to describe it as a season flair. It was there for an awhile and like that it was gone…never to return
• For the next 700 and some years she had finally rested herself in the middle of the suicide forest knowing she would be alone and not bothered by anyone or hopefully found
• That was until Ika Found her and managed to persuade her to join him once again

Side Notes:the other half of colbolt and the younger sister of Amaya Nanashi of the shinigami
Roleplay Sample: Meh

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Anna Nanashi Emptyon Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:59 am

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